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Knockdown Center is pleased to present the third rendition of Cura(Collected), an exhibition series that centers artists who curate. This edition features a collaborative project by Anjuli Rathod, Eduardo Restrepo Castaño, Oscar Moises Diaz with an accompanying essay by manuel arturo abreu. All three are creators whose involvement in the artistic community has had a generative impact on their local art scenes, and for this occasion each artist has brought in collaborators and community for a series of ongoing, cumulative performances and actions that will take place within an architectural structure inside of the gallery each week.

Born out of conversations between the three participating artists, the exhibition focuses on curation as an invested act. Exploring the type of spaces curators create, the show investigates how these spaces can be expanded to include ideals of care, empathy, and nurture. The artists maintain that curation within an artist-to-artist structure fosters a web of nuances that open up more intimate readings and handlings of art objects. By singling out actions and objects Rathod, Diaz, Restrepo, and their invited collaborators spotlight the familiarities that come out of certain social contracts. With respect to their ongoing areas of focus, this collaboration will result in a presentation of each artists’ individual practices in a collective light.

Sunday, November 5

5:00pm – Me eligio with Mariana Herrera Castaño
Mariana Herrera Castaño’s performance Me eligio asks audiences to participate in facilitating the translation between Spanish and English, music and spoken language.

6:00pm – as of it with Justin Cabrillos and Matt Shalzi
Justin Cabrillos presents a dance with performer and sculptor Matt Shalzi, examining contemporary manifestations of the sacred through morphing, repetitive movements. An emulsion of religious fervor, hallucinogenic ecstasy, hardcore moshing, and trance, Cabrillos and Shalzi respond to each other’s somatic improvisations, superimposing gestures that result in sculptural formations that undulate in between abstract and bodily compositions.

Sunday, December 3
4:00pm – Five Movements with Anjuli Rathod and Lily Jue Sheng
Anjuli Rathod and Lily Jue Sheng present Five Movements, a multimedia work comprised of a video, painting, sculpture, and performance with contributions from Nyle Genevieve Kim Kaliski and Zach Hart. Sheng’s choreography between forms explores a deeply personal and contemporary interpretation of Wu Xing, a traditional Chinese concept of elements and cycles. In Five Movements, the artists present a synesthetic environment, combining Sheng’s inspirations from Taoist philosophy, lucid dreams, and ceremonial practices, and Rathod’s interests in dreams, memory, animism, and hybridity. The artists’ integration of their bodies navigate different spaces: between thought and action, theater and reality, immaterial and physical, interior and exterior. This collaborative effort considers the tradition of women practicing ritual in support of themselves and each other in healing from trauma and depression, and as a means of survival under systemic barriers and oppression.

6:00pm – recursos/resources with Eduardo Restrepo Castaño
Eduardo Restrepo Castaño restages their performance recursos/resources, a performative auction. In the piece, the artist auctions off one piece of work, along with three hours of labor to participating audience members. 100% of the money gathered will go towards a monetary fund that will be then given directly to a trans-femme individual in Restrepo Castaño’s home town Quimbaya, Colombia.

In addition to ongoing contributions by the collaborating artists of Cura(Collected), participating artists have been invited to activate the architectural structure through performance and temporary installations, November 4th – December 3rd, 2017. Each installation will remain on view until the following iteration.

Saturday, November 4
In a collaboration between Anjuli Rathod and Karina Puente, a papel picado work by Puente will hang in the interior of the architectural structure anchoring the exhibition. Rathod will create a painting onto the light impressions filtered through the papel picado’s carved mythological images. Inspired by the artists’ conversations, together their work forms a narrative about the experiences of women of color in a world of unchecked power.

Thursday, November 9
A mini pop-up retrospective of Crack Rodriguez’s work will be installed within the architectural structure, with accompanying text by Oscar Moises Diaz.

Sunday, November 11
Carmelle Safdie’s Models for Imagined Nightclubs are reflections on the artist’s communal creative experiences as a musician. In this immersive collage, Safdie will present various blueprints that serve as proposals for utopian places for equitable social connectivity and freedom of expression. Through graphic abstraction, Safdie creates a space for imagining a self uninhibited by societal constraints and repression.

Saturday, November 18
Eduardo Restrepo Castaño and Julia Pimes Mata will be on-site, engaged in the ongoing transformation of the architectural structure into a semi-permanent mural. Visitors are welcome to observe in a manner that is mindful of the artists and their processes.

Sunday, November 19
Oscar Moises Diaz will bring together the work of Nancy Chavarria, Veronica Vides, and Sayre Quevado in a video and sound installation related to Sayre Quevedo’s re:construcción project. This project focuses on an oral history of the Salvadoran civil war, using audio and text recounting personal narratives from Chavarria, Vides and Diaz.

About the series
The Cura() series was originally conceived by Sessa Englund. For each exhibition three invited artists who have a strong curatorial practice work together to create a collaborative show, driven by conversation between the participating artists and their ongoing research. There is no traditional curator organizing the show, instead, the exhibition and essay are developed through this discussion. Cura() emerges from the tendency of many artists today using curation not only as a form of organization within their communities, but also as an inseparable part of their artistic practice. The series asks: is the role of the traditional curator necessary, or is a new role emerging from the shifting landscape of artists as organizers of their community? Cura explores these questions by making visible new networks that exist between artists, curators, and their collaborators.

About the artists
Anjuli Rathod lives and works in Queens, New York. She received a BFA from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and attended the AICAD/New York Studio Residency Program. She has participated in residencies at The Millay Colony of the Arts, the Studios at MASS MoCA, and the Shandanken Project. Her work has been published in Lumina Journal and Hyperallergic. She also co-founded Selena, an artist-run space in Brooklyn. She has an upcoming exhibition at Projet Pangeé, Montreal.

Eduardo Restrepo Castaño graduated from Tufts University in Boston, Eduardo Restrepo Castaño examines, through a practice that draws from academic, artistic, and lived experience, the relationship between social imaginaries surrounding nature, gender difference, and the diasporic condition. Co- founder of curatorial platform Sweety’s, as well as participant at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Restrepo Castaño has exhibited in spaces such as: SOMA (Mexico,) Musée de l’Élysés (Switzerland,) and Bruce High Quality Foundation (New York,) Museum of Jaén (Spain.) Restrepo Castaño has been he recipient of Full Tuition Bright Futures Scholarship, from Florida Department of Education Merit Scholarship, from School of the Museum of Fine Arts, 1st Place Photography Award, From Here… 32nd Annual Exhibition, Stephen D. Paine Full Fellowship, From the Boston Foundation, Ann and Graham Gund Fellowship, sponsored participation at Skowhegan ‘13

Óscar Díaz is a Salvadoran artist born in Soyapango, but lives in Brooklyn, NYC. Recent exhibitions Including the Sonora for the X Biennial of Central America, a solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art & Design, Costa Rica, PERFORMEANDO at the Queens Museum, The Wrong: New Digital Art Biennial and Espacio Intermedial for The International Film of San Salvador.

manuel arturo abreu is a poet and artist from the Bronx. They work in text, ephemeral sculpture, photography, and whatever is at hand. They co-facilitate home school, a free pop-up art school in Portland, OR.

About the organizer
Sessa Englund was born in CT, USA but spent their formative years in Sweden. They currently live and work in NYC and Gothenburg, Sweden. Their practice encompasses: sculpture, design and curating. They are also the Co-Founder and, co-Curator of Disclaimer Gallery, and the Cura(projects) series. Sessa, has a Bachelors of Fine arts from School of Art+Design, SUNY Purchase (2013). Their work has been exhibited internationally. Recent exhibitions include: MoCA Denver, Transmitter Gallery, Satellite Art Fair, Miami Art Basel. Their work has been written about and published in New York Times, i-D, Floorr Magazine, Hyperallergic, Whitehot Magazine and Posture Magazine. They has also participated in residencies such as: TFNF (Dumbo, NYC), and an upcoming residency at AADK Centro Negra in Blanca, Spain.

Open Call: Exhibitions and Artist Projects


Knockdown Center seeks exhibition proposals for our gallery space! Are you a curator or arts organizer looking for a space to stage an exhibition? Do you have an artist project that needs a home? Send us your exhibition proposal by November 1 for consideration!

*Please note: Proposals for group shows should not include the organizer’s own artwork, we do not rent our space for exhibitions, and we do not host MFA exhibitions at this time.

Knockdown Center’s mission is to be responsive to the needs of cultural producers making experimental and cross-disciplinary work, and to provide a platform for in-depth inquiry from varying viewpoints across diverse formats. Through an open proposal process, we offer artists, curators, and organizers the freedom to challenge traditional notions of presentation and reception.

Deadline: November 1, 2017

Send proposals to:

Gallery Exhibition Proposal Guidelines Deadline:

1. Project Description: In one page or less, clearly describe your exhibition concept, all elements involved, and state why it is relevant to present at Knockdown Center.

2. Checklist: Please provide information about each artwork considered for inclusion in the exhibition, including: artist, title, date, medium, dimensions, installation components, and lender, gallery, or person providing the work. It is expected that all participating artists and lenders have been contacted and have expressed interest and availability to participate.

3. Images: Please include 5 – 15 images of works included or representative of what will be included. For time-based work, please include video samples.

4. Installation plan: Describe how the exhibition would be installed in Knockdown Center’s gallery space. Clearly list all spatial needs, technical and equipment requirements, specific installation considerations, and an outline of shipping logistics. Include a layout of the work in space using the floor plan.

5. Programming: Describe any additional programming (performances, talks, etc.) that you plan to include to accompany your exhibition.

6. Budget: Please use the Gallery Exhibition Budget Guidelines to outline the exhibition budget.

7. Exhibiting artist info: Provide bios for all exhibiting artists. 8. Curator info: Give us a sense of your background and experience, including a sample of your relevant work experience.

PDF of Guidelines and Floor Plan here.

Sunday Service: Jonathan Gonzalez Presents…


On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals (1628) documents William Harvey’s watershed findings on the two-way circulatory system; one way pumping blood to the extremities and another back to the heart to be reinvigorated with oxygen. During this dissection, Harvey also encountered an ominous black fluid like ’thick earth’ termed colloquially as ‘black bile’ in the arteries. As one of the four body humors, coleric/black bile was said to hold the properties of mysticism, hysteria, and evil – but as Harvey’s findings revealed…the black stuff in the body was blood all along.

For this Sunday Service, five artists are invited to commune with the Ready Room as a living site for a circulatory exchange.

Photo credit: Gio Pastori

Artist Bios

NIC Kay is from the Bronx. Currently occupying several liminal spaces. They are a person who makes performances and creates/organizes performative spaces. They are obsessed with the act and process of moving the change of place, production of space, position, and the clarity/meaning gleaned from shifting of perspective. NIC’s current transdisciplinary projects explore movement as a place of reclamation of the body, history and spirituality.

Rena Anakwe, is an interdisciplinary artist and performer, working primarily with sound, visuals, scent and space. A member of the artistic collective NON Worldwide, she is based in Brooklyn, New York by way of Nigeria and Canada. Using storytelling as a medium, her work focuses on sensory-based, experiential interactions through art and technology. Rena is a graduate of: the Interactive Telecommunications Program (iTP) at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts (MPS), The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University (MFA) and New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business (BS.)

Justin Allen is a writer and performer from Northern Virginia. He has written for Mosaic Literary Magazine, Lambda Literary, ARTS.BLACK, and the Leslie-Lohman Museum’s journal The Archive, among others. He has read his work at the Whitney, The Poetry Project, and Artists Space, and recently completed a residency at the Center for Afrofuturist Studies in Iowa City, IA.

I was named Marlene Mulele Seecharan. I do not know how many times I have lived as a human. I know I have been a house in a past life. My goal with art as expression is to live in truth and to live in complete harmony with the rest of nature. I wish you the courage to live in pure consciousness.

Sepo Seecharan Prins is

 unknown (1) (1) 

PlayThing by Jason Weitzman


PlayThing is a debut of a brand new play, so new that the actors and actresses will have never seen the lines before the production. Watch your favorite comedians perform in a production as they learn their parts on the spot. This seems like it’s not a recipe for disaster!

The play is written by JASON WEITZMAN and what it’s called will be revealed later…….

ALSO there will be some comedy acts FROM
Philip Markle

Rumors New York


Guy Gerber, returns to the US to bring his iconic RUMORS party straight from the Ibiza to the Big Apple for RUMORS NY on September 16th. Rumors will feature an extended set from Guy Gerber and is sure to draw its unique crowd of artisans, fashionistas, music heads and misfits. Daytime open air event produced by Teksupport.

Sunday Service: Alexis Convento Presents…


Join us for the kick-off of the fall season of Sunday Service, our monthly performance series in our bar the Ready Room. Curator Alexis Convento invites Filipinx artists both from the homeland and the diaspora come together to reclaim, to decolonize, to (re)trace our roots.

“To decolonize is to tell and write one’s own story, that in the telling and writing others may be encouraged to tell their own.” —Leny Mendoza Strobel, “Coming Full Circle”

Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Eli Tamondong
Goldie Poblador
Sugar Vendil
Jana Lynne Umipig

About the Curator
Alexis Convento is a Filipina-American producer, administrator and manager working within contemporary performance, and is founder and curator of the CURRENT SESSIONS, a platform for emerging and established movement-based artists. Her creative direction has led to sold out houses, close artist relationships, and the cultivation of new audiences with an enduring interest in connecting the performing arts, culture, and community. Additional curation includes La MaMa Moves!, Center for Performance Research’s Fall Movement, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, and Gowanus Art + Production’s FIRST LOOK, among others. Alexis holds a BFA in Dance from Fordham University with the Ailey School. Alexis’ work seeks to activate new conversations between genres which strengthen the relationship between art production and community, doing so through her own practice as well as her commercial efforts. She welcomes inquiries from individuals and organizations whose work also seeks to connect art, culture and the public.

About the Artists

Christina Poblador, sometimes known as “Goldie”, was born in the Philippines and received her MFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design. She is an artist, a scientist, a feminist, and an alchemist. Her work channels narratives from Philippine culture and is inspired by nature and personal history. She brings a new awareness to what is and what can be the possibilities of ecofeminism, sensuality and the politics of immigration and race in a global world.

Carlo Antonio Villanueva is a Filipino-American dance artist from New Jersey, now living and working in New York. He often works with friend and collaborator Miriam Gabriel to make performances, and is also a member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company.

Sugar Vendil is a New York-based pianist and multidisciplinary artist lauded for “leading the unlikely intersection of classical music and new fashion” (The New York Times). A second generation Filipino-American, Vendil grew up in El Sobrante, CA, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her artistic practice is strongly focused on rigorous discipline as a musician and multidisciplinary performance that integrates music, movement, and fashion, and unconventional approaches to the piano. Vendil was a 2017 Summer Labs Artist in Residence at National Sawdust and a 2016 Fellow in the Target Margin Institute for Collaborative Theater Making. Other residencies include Earthdance (E|MERGE Multidisciplinary Residency), the A-Z West Wagon Station Encampment, and Arts Letters & Numbers. She is the founder of The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP), a music ensemble that collaborates with artists such as visual artists, dancers, and fashion designers for its performances.

Eli Tamondong is a hybrid artist practicing and performing under the moniker Projectile Imagery. They have been curated by Dance New Amsterdam, Dixon Place, Movement Research at Judson, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Chez Bushwick, Gibney Dance, New York Live Arts, New Dance Alliance; published in SLAG Mag and Polychrome Ink; and posted on Instagram (@projectileimagery). They have been a member of the Dance/NYC Junior Committee (2014-2017), a Chez Bushwick Artist-in-Residence (2014), and a New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks Artist (2015-16). Eli is studying Massage Therapy at the Swedish Institute.

Jana Lynne (JL) Umipig is a creator – a multidisciplinary artist who uses her talents and skills to create transformative artistic experiences. Her training is rooted in classical and physical theatre work, with formal training from New York University, The Claire Trevor School of the Arts at The University of California, Irvine and The Accademia Dell’ Arte in Arrezzo, Italy. Much of her career has been heavily rooted in collaborative based, applied and experimental theatre that focuses on human rights advocacy, art therapy/ healing connected to the development of her work around “For the Movement Theatre” and “Theatre as Spiritual Practice.” In particular, she seeks to elevate the narratives of Pilipina wom*n- as a reflection of her own life’s journey toward decolonizing, re-indigenizing and humanizing self. She draws her inspiration from being raised by strong wom*n in her family and by countless circles of sisterhodo that have lifted her throughout her lifetime including mentors and comrades from- The Center for Babaylan Studies, Damayan, Af3irm (Gabriela Network), Gabriela NYC, The El Puente Global Justice Institute, and Kababayan at UC Irvine.

About Sunday Service
Taking place the first Sunday of each month, a guest curator is invited to organize a salon style evening of cross-disciplinary performances and presentations that brings together a multiplicity of views around a singular prompt, such as a question, theme, or formal structure. Sunday Service centers works in progress, interdisciplinary endeavors, and diversity in format showcased in a lo-fi environment to foster the testing of ideas and critical discourse amongst peers.

Paul Kalkbrenner Presents: Back To The Future [POSTPONED]


We are very sad to inform you that Paul Kalkbrenner has postponed his NA tour due to illness. A new date will be announced very soon!

All tickets will be honored for our rescheduled show. However if this date does not work for you, you may request a refund.

Stay tuned, more news coming shortly!


Paul Kalkbrenner brings Back To The Future to Knockdown Center for the very first time on September 22.

Paul Kalkbrenner recounts the history of Berlin techno with his new Back To the Future concept, which is based on his famous mix tape series, a trilogy that highlights his personal history of electronic music’s arrival to Germany during his teenage years.

Renewing and digitalising all of his old music collection to sound fresh and new, Kalkbrenner has given his early back catalogue a makeover with all tracks sounding delectably current. Rolling Stone magazine described it as a “Viral Techno history lesson”. Whilst Mixmag said that Back To The Future is “A Musical account of Germany’s pivotal dance music scene”.

This experience will take you on a historical journey, but this is in no way a retro or old school show by any means. This is a celebration of where this music originated and where it is heading moving forward, henceforth ‘Back To The Future’.

Defend + Restore


Defend + Restore is a community-centered daytime event focused on care, strengthening, and the sustainability of physical, mental, and emotional health. Join us to share skills and tactics of self-preservation in the wake of ongoing individual and collective traumas.

Free and donation-based workshops, trainings, and gatherings geared toward self-defense, intervention, strengthening, restoration, and care will be held in Knockdown Center’s backyard. In addition to scheduled events throughout the day, Defend + Restore includes an open-air marketplace featuring vendors who center health, well-being, homeopathic knowledge, and natural materials. Featuring naturally dyed goods by Jennie Maydew, hot sauce, condiments & concoctions by Process Park and more!!

All events are FREE unless otherwise noted!


2 – 4pm
Come early for bystander intervention training with Hollaback
Learn skills of nonviolent interventions to public harassment from cat calls to assault. Hollaback’s comprehensive training teaches you how to to assess your environment, deescalate harassment and find organic points of engagement.

3 – 8pm
Open-Air Mini-Marketplace
Featuring vendors who center health, well-being, homeopathic knowledge, and natural materials.

3 – 5pm
Channeling Personal Power with Dyani Douze (sliding scale $20 – $40, cash only!)
QTPOC Reiki practitioner Dyani Douze offers 30 minute reiki sessions + Black Angel Card reading.

3 – 4pm
Self Defense workshop with POP Gym
All-ages introductory and accessible foundation to self defense from technique to theory!

3 – 4pm
Knockdown Center Honey Tasting and Beekeeper Chats
Did you know that Knockdown Center keeps bees? Taste honey fresh from Knockdown’s rooftop hives! Learn about the wonders of the beehive as a fascinating model for collective decision-making. Did you know that 99% of honeybees are female? Beekeepers Caroline Paquita and Vanessa Thill will talk to you about nature’s oldest and sweetest matriarchy.

4 – 5pm
All-level Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Lauren Mulligan ($5-$10 suggested donation)
Donation based vinyasa flow for all levels with music!

5 – 6pm
Self Defense workshop with POP Gym
All-ages introductory and accessible foundation to self defense from technique to theory!

5 – 7pm
Oracle Card Readings with Yatta Zoker ($17 – $33 suggested donation!)
Yatta Zoker is a channel/diviner who uses a combination of Black Angel Cards, Tarot, and Life Purpose decks to give comprehensive readings that offer clarity and direction.

Readings are between 15 – 35 minutes and are by suggested donation of $33 for a full spread and $17 for a 3 card spread.

6 – 7pm
Body Technologies for Self-Care Workshop with Jaguar Mary (by donation)
Learn easy, ready-to-use strategies for your continued self-care with foundational practices and meditations that involve breath and movement.

7 – 8pm
Gesturing Slowly Workshop with Camilo Godoy and Amanda Turner Pohan
Camilo Godoy and Amanda Turner Pohan will guide a slow meditation on physical greeting rituals, reflecting upon the ways in which our bodies are choreographed in society.

Spots still available to participate in the marketplace! To apply, please send information about yourself, organization/company, and what you offer to

Additional Details:

About Hollaback and Agunda Okeyo, Hollaback Facilitator
We at Hollaback are eager to share our bystander intervention training with a public invested in community building and culture change. Hollaback has worked for years on issues of sexual harassment and has long been at the forefront of nonviolent interventions to public harassment from cat calls to assault. At Defend + Restore at Knockdown Center we will facilitate a training that provides reflective strategies to assess your environment, deescalate harassment and find organic points of engagement including the 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention℠.

Agunda Okeyo is Hollaback!’s Bystander Intervention Program educator and trainer. She is a writer, producer, filmmaker and activist born in Nairobi and raised between New York City and the Kenyan capital. Okeyo understands and writes from a global perspective about race, gender, politics, culture, books, film, and comedy. She is published with Salon, The Daily Beast, Indiewire’s Women and Hollywood blog, For Harriet, O Magazine, Okay Africa, NBC and Women’s Media Center (WMC). A panoramic awareness has shaped her professional experience with organizations such as Duara Foundation, Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action, Re:Gender and Cultural Survival. She is lauded for her ongoing production at Caroline’s on Broadway called Sisters of Comedy. She has also produced comedy shows at Ginny’s Supper Club and Gotham Comedy Club. Okeyo has been featured as a rising producer and activist in Time Out New York, The New Yorker, Essence, The Root, Black Enterprise, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, NBC, Huffington Post and The New York Times. In 2016 she was named a Progressive Women’s Voices fellow with Women’s Media Center and joined the NYC board of Women, Action and the Media (WAM!NYC). Okeyo also serves as National Communications Chair for the March for Racial Justice in DC, NYC and nationwide this fall.

3pm – 5pm
About Channeling Personal Power and Dyani Douze
30 minute reiki sessions + Black Angel Card reading.

Dyani Douze is a QTPOC Reiki practitioner with a focus in working with anyone that yearns for self-expression and self-acceptance.

(Sliding Scale $20 – $40, cash only!)

3pm & 5pm
About Self-Defense workshops with POP Gym
Come by this FREE workshop to learn some introductory skills that will keep you feeling safe. We’ll be covering the basics: stretching, conditioning, technique, and theory, with the hope that participants will leave with some super useful foundations that will aid them in the day-to-day. Mix that in with some sweat and some movement, and you’ll have an accessible and confidence-boosting good time for all. Whether you are a beginner, or someone with experience, come work it out with us!

Open to all ages! We’ll be moving around, so participants should wear clothing in which they are comfortable stretching and sweating.

POP Gym is a new project, working towards opening a physical space in Brooklyn that offers free self-defense, fitness, and skill share classes 7 days a week. As we continue planning, we invite you to come by any of our events this summer! Our workshops have been described as, “fun”, “holistic” and “empowering”, and for any questions, comments, or inquiries for future workshops for you or your organizations, email us at

About Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Lauren Mulligan

Lauren is a trained trauma-informed vinyasa instructor with focus on working with LGBTQIA +GNC and female-identified people. She believes that yoga as an intentional practice of self-care is deeply radical. Yogic philosophy counters contemporary dualistic ideology in favor of one of connection and interconnectedness. Living under capitalist heteropatriachal imperialist conditions means that each of us experience fracturing of the self and separation from others; this is how oppressive structures maintain their power. When we choose to come to our mats, we allow our bodies and minds to enter a space that does not endorse dualism, but rather focuses on synchronization of breath with movement, body with mind, self with other.

This class will be an all-level vinyasa flow class. No experience necessary, beginners and experienced practitioners alike are welcome to come share the space. Moving into our bodies, especially for those of us who occupy bodies that are policed in myriad ways is a step towards healing. This class is donation-based, if you have the means please consider donating, if monetary funds are not available to you at this time, please do come anyway, we want you in this space!

($5 – $10 suggested donation)

About Body Technologies for Self-Care and Jaguar Mary
Self-care is paramount during times of stress. Finding peace of mind while navigating the whirlwind of city life means that practicing self care is essential. And, since we live in a society that demands our attention and participation in ways we may find challenging at times, it helps if the tools we use are easily applicable and immediately effective. In this self-care workshop, we’ll work with the material that we all share and know; our own bodies. The Body contains an abundance of accessible technologies that can shift us to feeling strong and clear when our minds are disheartened and distracted. These technologies work and can be applied regardless of religious/spiritual beliefs, flexibility, or financial status. During the hour, Jaguar Mary will share some foundational practices and meditations that will involve breath, movement and group communication. You’ll have fun and leave the workshop with some easy, ready-to-use strategies for your continued self-care practice.

Jaguar Mary is a teacher, performance artist, filmmaker and glossolalia vocalist. She started chanting mantras at the age of eleven as a young buddhist practitioner. She created Sacred Circularties, a movement-based meditation experience that took place for six years in Sedona, Arizona and Bali, Indonesia. Jaguar Mary is here for the journey and continues to share and learn spirit and movement-focused experiences through her art and connection with community. Currently, she is a member of the Performance and Performance Studies MFA cohort at Pratt Institute.

About Gesturing Slowly
Camilo Godoy and Amanda Turner Pohan will guide a slow meditation on physical greeting rituals. This workshop will focus on the communicative function and sensory capabilities of these rituals to reflect upon the ways in which our bodies are choreographed in society. This workshop gently invites you to explore your body and its relationship to others.

Image Credit: Stephanie Acosta

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