Main Space

Our Main space was the site of manufacturing when the building operated as a door factory. We took care to preserve much of the original architecture, beams, and surfaces from its original use, while turning this 20,000 square foot space into a state-of-the-art room for concerts and cultural events. If your event is in the Main, you can anticipate as many as 3,100 fellow fans, but don’t worry – there’s still plenty of room to move around!

The Ruins

Our backyard comes alive every summer, with concerts, parties, performances, and community events. In addition to a 19,000 square foot poured concrete patio, events are surrounded by open-air and enclosed century-old structures which were once the site of the factory’s boiler room. The backyard can have as many as 1,550 people catching sun on a summer day and dancing into the night.

Ready Room

Tucked inside the venue’s open atrium, this intimate space was once the main office of the former door factory. The new renovation pays homage to a century-long history of craftsmanship in manufacturing. The Ready Room is used for panels, meetings, public programs, record release parties, and smaller arts events. Join us for refreshments and conversation during Gallery Hours Thursdays through Sundays, and the bar remains open during most KDC events.


Arizona offers the same historic character as the Main, but in a more intimate environment. With windows on two sides that look out onto the Ruins in our backyard, Arizona is perfect for installations, performance, pop-ups, markets, and immersive events and concerts. This space connects to the Main, and is 4,200 square feet.


Tucked away in the far north-west corner of the building, Texas is a cozy 950 square foot room with built-in stage and PA, with a 4’ upper level that creates a dynamic space for concerts, performances, and panel discussions. Home of KDC’s monthly series of live work Sunday Service, this fully enclosed space holds 220 people if you really want to get close.

Wood Jamb

Wood Jamb, like Arizona, offers the same historic character as the Main, but in a more intimate environment. With original wood ceilings, plus windows and full glass doors on three sides, this 3,000 square foot room offers an abundance of natural light and endless possibilities.


Used as the entrance to our larger Main space events, the Annex also functions as one of the more flexible rooms at Knockdown Center, as well as the only light-tight room. One of our more collaborative spaces, the Annex can be used for nearly any type of event.


BASEMENT, a brand new venue, launched in May 2019 underneath the main hall of Knockdown Center. The newly designed and literally underground room will be New York City’s new home for top and up-and-coming underground techno talent from all over the world.

Visit the BASEMENT website for more information and upcoming events.