I am disabled or require assistance to attend an event, do you have ADA accommodations?

Yes! Contact mail@knockdowncenter.com stating which event you will be attending, and with your particular needs so we can alert staff before doors. Please try to arrive early (door times are listed on each event page), and alert our box office staff or security when you arrive. They will make sure you’re taken care of and comfortable. We can also pre-arrange on-site parking for Accessible Vehicles, when needed. Feel free to reach out to mail@knockdowncenter.com with any other questions.

Safer Space Policy

Does Knockdown Center have a Safer Space Policy?

You know it! Knockdown Center strives to offer a supportive and safe environment to its visiting artists, patrons, and guests. Should you experience any situation that makes you feel unsafe, please approach any staff member for assistance. By entering Knockdown Center and participating in our events, all patrons agree to engage in a respectful and responsible manner. Behavior and language deemed by Knockdown staff as unsafe, threatening, violent, or discriminatory is not welcome. Help us to create a warm, welcoming and safer space for our creative community.

Purchasing Tickets

How can I get tickets to an event at Knockdown Center?

Tickets and RSVPs for all events at Knockdown Center can be found on our Eventbrite page here. Most of our exhibitions, and many of our events are free (yes, free!) to attend as well. More information about how to attend your particular event can be found on our Calendar.

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Age Restrictions

How old do I need to be to attend an event at Knockdown Center?

Depends! Age restrictions vary by event, and are typically noted on their specific event page on this website. Visit our Calendar to find your particular event’s age restriction. Visitors must present valid government issued photo identification in order to be admitted.

Animal Policy

I have a dog/cat/snake/hamster/friend and want to bring them to an event, can I?

Pets on a leash are permitted on our outside patio, but not inside the building. Due to NYC Department of Health statutes, only working service animals with proper documentation are permitted inside the building. Human friends are always allowed.

Prohibited Items and Security

What else can’t I bring with me?

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone at an event, anyone entering the Center is subject to a reasonable search. This includes, but is not limited to bags, purses, coats and hats. Unless otherwise noted on the particular event page, guests are prohibited from bringing the following items into Knockdown Center:

• food, except for certain medical conditions
• illegal drugs
• outside beverages, with the exception of one factory sealed water bottle per guest.
• video or audio recorders
• professional quality camera equipment
• umbrellas
• knives
• firearms or weapons of any kind
• firecrackers
• strollers or baby seats
• folding chairs
• noise makers or horns
• streamers
• balloons
• signs
• beach balls
• parcels
• camelbaks
• lasers of any kind
• packages or any items the contents of which is not displayed

The venue management reserves the right to restrict any other items that could pose a safety hazard or restrict the enjoyment of another guest. Any prohibited items may be returned to a vehicle or disposed of properly, except where possession is prohibited by law. Management also reserves the right to inspect personal belongings of a suspicious nature.

Payment Options

I assume you have a bar. How can I pay for things?

We accept cash and all major credit cards. There is also an ATM on site. For most events we accept cash or credit at the door for tickets. On some occasions, we may only accept cash – check your particular event’s page on our Calendar for specific information. We cannot accept foreign currencies.

Guest Conduct

My friends can get a bit rowdy, do you kick people out for having fun?

Having fun is 100% encouraged and expected! However, guests who appear intoxicated, are using offensive language, throwing objects, standing on furniture or any other behavior deemed by Knockdown Center as disruptive or dangerous in nature, are subject to ejection. Additionally, we often have art exhibitions open and on view late into the evening. Any behavior that threatens the safety of these precious objects or affects others’ ability to enjoy the exhibition could be grounds for removal.


Can I light one up?

All indoor areas are Smoke Free. Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor areas and when permitted by law.

I quit smoking! I can vape, right?

Congratulations! We’re proud of your accomplishment, but the same smoking policy applies to both electronic cigarettes or any kind of vaporizer.  It’s the law.

Lost and Found

I lost my favorite gold necklace at last night’s party, and my grandma gave me that necklace. I’m distraught. Do you have it?

All found items are taken to the Venue Office. If you lose an item during an event, please see our event staff for assistance. If you realize you have lost an item after you leave the property, please email mail@knockdowncenter.com with “Lost and Found” + the name of the event in the subject, as well as a description of the lost item in the email’s body. We will do our best to help find your lost item, however Knockdown Center is not responsible for items left behind. The lost and found is open M-F, from 10:00am until 5:00pm.


Can I come back in? I forgot to turn my oven off.

Re-entry is not permitted to ticketed events, unless specified on your particular event’s page on our Calendar.

Food On Site

I’m hungry. You won’t like me when I’m hungry. Will you have food on site?

We typically have food available at our larger events, with vegetarian options. Check the event’s Facebook page, or call in advance to find out what will be available. Check our guest conduct policy above if you’re worried about your behavior when you get hungry.

Event Bookings

Can I host my event at Knockdown Center?

Yes! Shoot us a note on our Bookings page with as many details about your event as possible and we’ll get back to you with availabilities.

Can my band play at Knockdown Center? We’re really awesome, I promise.

While we’re sure you’re just as awesome as you say, all bands are booked by each event’s promoters. Send your demos to them, they love it.

Coat Check

I was thinking about wearing my faux-leather, diamond-studded jacket, but it can get a bit heated. Do you have a coat check?

We have a coat check on any night that expects to be cold enough to warrant extra clothes. Bags can also be checked as separate items. Each item is $5, cash only. That jacket sounds really sweet.

Transportation and Parking

Woah, you’re in Maspeth? Where in the world is that?

Maspeth is in New York City, we promise. Multiple busses stop on our doorstep, we run a FREE shuttle, and we’re pretty close to both the L and JMZ Subway lines. Check out our How To Get Here page for easy directions.

But I want to drive!

Woah, no one said you couldn’t! We have a small parking lot that is open for most events, but arrive early to claim a spot. There is also plenty of street parking in our neighborhood. Remember, no drinking and driving!

Top Secret

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