Knockdown Center welcomes diversity in all shapes and forms.  We host everything from Concerts and nightlife to art exhibits and performances, conferences and meetings, festivals and fairs, weddings and fundraising events, film and photo, and more.  Our space lends itself particularly to events that push boundaries and seek new modes of experience for their audiences. Capacities are 1000 simultaneously seated, up to 4000 standing.


Temporary Allegiance Open Call

Knockdown Center hosts Philip von Zweck’s project Temporary Allegiance, an ongoing open call for artist-made flags to be featured temporarily on our prominent 40 foot flagpole at the building’s entrance.

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A 40-foot flagpole erected at Knockdown Center is the site of Temporary Allegiance, a collaborative artwork by Philip von Zweck. The project originated in Chicago as a platform for the freedom of expression on a public college campus. Although typically a stable institutional fixture, this flagpole offers anyone the opportunity for monumental visibility for a limited time only.

A flag can bear national or military emblems, mascots, warning signals, or propaganda, among others. In many countries desecration of the national flag is a punishable crime. Patriotic love or rage, fandom, competition, festivity, spirituality, mourning—these are some of the array of reactions a flag can engender. The term “temporary allegiance” legally refers to the duty of a non-citizen to obey all laws so long as he remains in that country. Implied is the notion of flux, that loyalty and identity can be reconsidered as the flag is hoisted and lowered.

Philip von Zweck would like to thank Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois Chicago for previously hosting this project. 

Submission information:

– Each flag will fly for ~2 weeks

– Unconventional shapes, sizes, and materials are acceptable so long as safety considerations are met (weight, fastening, and wind durability)

– Maximum flag size is 8 by 12 feet

– Flags should be attachable at a minimum of 2 points, 3 feet apart

– A sign within the building’s lobby will include information about the artist and flag design.

– Flag drop off times are: Thursdays and Fridays 2pm – 6pm, Saturdays and Sundays 2pm – 7pm

Open Capacity

Knockdown Center supports artists and organizers producing events in need of space! Through Open Capacity: Knockdown Center’s space support program, artists and organizers may apply for use of space and basic operational support for one-time events such as performances, workshops, talks, screenings, or conferences that align with the KdC mission and resonate with existing programming. Spaces available include intimate bar settings, a raw black box-style room, and 20,000 square feet of open-plan industrial space, amongst others.

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While Knockdown Center provides space and operational support, the applying artist or organization is fully responsible for funding and producing their event and expected to participate in promotion and outreach.

In addition to space, Knockdown Center provides:
-Basic AV and technical support.
-Box office and event staffing.
-Marketing support though inclusion on the KdC website, newsletter, and socials.

Program Guidelines
-Open Capacity is intended for one-time public events. The program does not apply for closed rehearsals, video shoots, private meetings, or an ongoing series of events.
-Eligibility is determined by Knockdown Center’s assessment of the logistical feasibility of event production, operational impact, existing calendar of events, and the proposed event’s relationship to Knockdown Center’s mission and other programs.
-Space is allocated to applicants by Knockdown Center. Space offered is non-negotiable, and determined by other events in the building, audience capacity, and technical needs.
-All accepted events must comply with Knockdown Centers operational protocols and schedules.

Please refer to the floorplans when imagining your event:
Floorplans Here

We accept applications for Open Capacity events on a rolling basis.

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