Village Voice on Flatland by Nitemind

By November 6, 2017 February 18th, 2019 No Comments

“Five years after their last album, Brooklyn electronic duo Teengirl Fantasy are back with 8AM, a record of spacious pop reworkings that recalls their 2009 debut. A lot has changed since then — at that time, Teengirl were identified with the nascent, nostalgic chillwave genre. On their new album, the group sounds dreamy and explorative, taking notes from r&b artists like the Weeknd and more experimental peers like Oneohtrix Point Never and Balam Acab. But Teengirl Fantasy have always been a dance act at heart. Along with the laser-design crew Nitemind, they should turn Knockdown Center’s cavernous interior into a swirling, neon-lit rave.”

– Sophie Weiner

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