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New Yorker highlights Unseen Hand

By April 3, 2017February 18th, 2019No Comments

“Works by fifteen artists in this sprawling, entertaining group show, curated by Nikita Vishnevskiy, suggest the bait-and-switch disappointments of our consumerist techno-utopia. The standout is Tom Butter’s sculpture, “Rope Trick,” a nine-foot length of paint-stained rope, attached to rotating motors by two steel poles. Press a foot pedal, and the horizon line shimmies—the effect is absurdly pathetic. Providing a warmly nostalgic counterpoint is William McMillin’s series of photographs “Migration Found Nesting in Nikon,” which he discovered undeveloped in his late father’s camera. The pictures themselves are humdrum, but their eerily beautiful violet discoloration suggests the mystery lurking in the mundane.”

–New Yorker

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