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Village Voice on VISUALS VISUALS

By November 6, 2017February 18th, 2019No Comments

“The producer George Clanton makes expansive electronic pop influenced by Eighties sounds. His big drum beats and vintage synth sounds are reminiscent of artists like John Maus, who take on new wave–like pop from a slightly distorted angle. But Clanton, who has worked in the dubious vaporwave meme-genre in the past, is more accessible and less afraid to go all the way into pop territory. His tracks are maximalist, exploding into colorful, exuberant climaxes. For someone who has lurked in some of the strangest corners of the Internet, Clanton makes songs that manage to be truly anthemic, something anyone can enjoy. He’ll play the second week of the VISUALS VISUALS art and music residency at Knockdown Center.”

– Sophie Weiner

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