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Sunday Service: ray ferreira Presents…

By April 26, 2019No Comments

Artists: KT Pe Benito, Lindsay “Londs” Reuter, Aldrin Valdez, Nicki Wong

April 14, 2019

Moving through the city, a slow blink gives way to blur gives way. To a discontinuity, bodies shifting, slipping through each other. The bass moves through fleshy fluid —vesicles on vesicles on vesicles. Histories spiral though. Crests and throughs distorts them chemical laced semipermeable membranes. Bodies of water, heavenly ones, the monstrous no place from island to island. A body is only neat when bleached by white light. Sharp, the street lamp provides a pain without pleasure, safety —a static condition. Separateness and particularity —a discontinuity to not make. I try and return to blur, but it is not a state.

About the Curator

ray ferreira w h e n a m i blaqlatinx from occupied Lenape lands called New York, N Y: the illegitimate EEUU. An o the r Corona, Queens a spacetimemattering a materialdiscusive (dis) continuity: [the Caribbean, the Greater Antilles, Hispañola, the Dominican Republic —> Corona, Queens] : history.
w h e n a m i a performer of sorts aka multidisciplinary artist aka polymath. She stays playin : the dance between materiality<->language through her body w h e n a m i where histories are made and remade. She plays with iridescence, text, rhythms (aka systems), to cruise a quantum poetics. Englishes, Spanishes, and other body languages spiral, dance, and twirl to create a banj criticality: that turnup w/the grls; that swerve past white cishet patriarchy. wh e n ami

About the Artists

KT Pe Benito is a nonbinary queer Filipinx, a Filipino man, and a white woman. Their work in writing and interdisciplinary art making is diaristic, but concerns larger systems and complexes at work around them in their daily life such as politicizing their late Filipino grandmother’s hypothesized existence, sustaining victim.survivor Filipinx futurity, and recognizing U.S. colonization onto a queer hapa body. They’re interested in the interpolation of the somatic shape they were born into and how it continues to stereotype (read: determine) their labor, their lovers, their online personas, and real life’s path.

Lindsay “Londs” Reuter makes performances that question materiality, family, and bravery. Londs has received support from New York Live Arts (Fresh Tracks 2014-2015), Danspace Project (Food for Thought), and Movement Research at the Judson Church. She has been in residence at Ponderosa (Queeries Residency), the Space on Ryder Farm, and will be in residence at Snug Harbor Cultural Center this May. Londs is an M.A. candidate in Disability Studies at the City University of New York.

Aldrin Valdez is a Pinoy writer and visual artist. They are the author of ESL or You Weren’t Here (Nightboat Books, 2018). Aldrin has been awarded fellowships from Queer/Art/Mentorship & Poets House. They’ve co-curated two seasons of the Segue Reading Series with fellow poet Joël Díaz.

Born in Hong Kong and based in New York, Nicki Wong is an interdisciplinary artist who works in performance, sculpture and social practice. Wong’s movement-based and improvisational works examine the play of language and its meaning and the construction of power dynamics between people and objects. These embodied gestures probe the networks between human subjects and the materiality of objects. Wong is currently a BFA candidate at Hunter College.

About Sunday Service

Taking place the first Sunday of each month, a guest curator is invited to organize a salon style evening of cross-disciplinary performances and presentations that brings together a multiplicity of views around a singular prompt, such as a question, theme, or formal structure. Sunday Service centers works in progress, interdisciplinary endeavors, and diversity in format showcased in a lo-fi environment to foster the testing of ideas and critical discourse amongst peers.

Sunday Service is programmed by Stephanie Acosta and Alexis Wilkinson

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