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Power Share/Power Surge: A Panel Discussion

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January 19th, 2017

Power Share/Power Surge: A Panel Discussion on Activism, Aging, Art, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, Intersectional Feminisms, Sexuality, Trans Rights, and more. What can we do? Where do we connect? How can we share power?

Curated and donated by Christen Clifford and moderated by Stephanie Acosta
Panelists: Ashton Applewhite, Ayana Evans, and Pamela Sneed

This panel, curated by artist and activist Christen Clifford, came about through a consideration of feminism and asking whether there was a difference between identity politics and civil rights, and how we can come together to share our power. Clifford invited four artists and writers to connect, with the definition of “connect” in mind as “a link to a power supply.”

Christen Clifford is an activist, curator, feminist performance artist, mother and writer whose work includes the PussyBow . She teaches at The New School.

This event was part of STAY NASTY, a fundraising series of music, performances, and workshops that accompanied the NASTY WOMEN exhibition, January 12-15th, 2017.

Video courtesy of James Tate + Intrinsic Grey

Christen Clifford

Ashton Applewhite

Ayana Evans

Pamela Sneed

Stephanie Acosta


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