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Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Jun 10 – Jul 17
Opening reception: Jun 10, 6-9pm

with sound performance Jul 17 by Pat Noecker

Energy is neither created nor destroyed; rather, it changes form…

This curatorial experiment will present 23 artists’ personal artifacts exposing small natural take-aways from a creative’s beloved landscape.

The suspended installation will showcase small physical remnants of a single journey, or moment in time, which an artist wanted to remember and take away, as opposed to the carefully crafted work they usually complete to show the public. Through these remnants, the artists willingly share their inspiration, intention and momentum with participants.

Viewers will be invited to explore and bask, if you will, in the echoing auras that these talismans cast.  There is a recreating of sacred space for each object, which ultimately has an intimate value to the artist, alongside their manufactured conception.

Just as chest x-rays of Marilyn Monroe, Buddy Holly’s glasses, Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels or Andy Warhol’s wig were sold at auction for a significant price tag, could these talismans of established artists become a valuable collector’s item? Or are these geographical remnants truly priceless? We invite you to discover the energy transactions.

Organized by Elijah Wheat Showroom (Liz Nielsen and Carolina Wheat)

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