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Elsewhere Presents: Darius

Elsewhere Presents: Darius

Buy Tickets May 4, 2024

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Describing Darius’ music is like trying to gather the infinitely large and the infinitely
small, or thinking music can be as hedonist as introspective. For almost ten years,
the producer feeds us his dreamy music, filled with cosmic images.
After dazzling the international artistic scenes from Paris to Los Angeles, he
embarks on his new North America tour, with a visual show as striking and hypnotic
as his music. The itinerary includes stops at events such as the Knockdown Center
in Brooklyn (USA), the Bellwether in Los Angeles (USA), the Vaiven Festival in
Cuernavaca (Mexico), as well as the SAT in Montreal (Canada).
His latest trilogy of releases ‘OASIS’ retains the electronic touch and delightful
melodies specific to his universe, while presenting his evolution toward a new
genre filled with groove and soul. With singles featuring Benny Sings, Amaria, and
Duñe, ‘OASIS’ showcases once again Darius’ ability to make you dance as much as
Inspired by the filtered house music of the French Touch era, Darius nurtures his
creative vision since his debut with Roche Musique, marked by milestones like his
first EP ‘Romance’ (2014), his debut album ‘Utopia’ (2017), and the successful
singles ‘Hot Hands’ and ‘Espoir’. Beyond uptempo and club songs, Darius unfolds
a precise narrative, flirting somewhere between sound design and a sci-fi movie
trailer music.
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