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DopeBBQ 2017

DopeBBQ 2017

Presented by The General Public (TGP)

Presented by The General Public (TGP)

TICKETS August 19, 2017

Getting Here ktdcshuttle


2pm – 10pm


DJ Jus

DJ L-squared

Proper Edakit

DJ Trueblends


Is it Free?
No, get your tickets while they last. Then pull up and turn up or watch us turn up on your snapchat and Instagram feed (Kanye shrug).

Is Food Free?
Yes, we have a lot more food and a lot of options. Don’t bring an aluminum foil pan big fella.

Where is it?
The illustrious and exclusive Knockdown Center. Last month everyone wanted to be there; this time you all can get in when you get your tickets. But hurry up because the price will go up as we get closer to the date and each ticket level sells out!

Why should I go?
It’s going to be crazy and you will hate yourself if you knew what we have prepared for you and missed it. Stop thinking about if you should wait big fella. Tickets will sell out any day now!

Who is throwing it?
The General Public aka Those DopeBBQ/ Mixxy Brunch guys.

Is there a dress code?
Nah, just summertime fly. How are you going to get chose looking crazy big fella!?!

Will tickets be available at the door?
Not sure, they are moving fast. No ticket, no entry. This ain’t 1-800-feed the people big fella!

What can/can’t I bring to the event?
No outside food or drinks. This isn’t your auntie house big fella; Go home big fella!

Is there an age limit?
Yes must be 21+.


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