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AUDITORIUM was an extended evening of site-specific electronic and electroacoustic performances organized by artists/curators Lea Bertucci and Tristan Shepherd. The focal point for this event was a custom 10-channel sound system installed throughout the 50,000 square feet of Knockdown Center. This system acted as the point of departure for multichannel works by innovative sound-based artists Nate Wooley, Sabisha Friedberg,Marina Rosenfeld, Woody Sullender, and Phil Niblock. Bertucci and Shepherd commissioned new works from the seven composers, instrumentalists and audio artists to develop works uniquely suited to the site. The project culminated in a day-long event in which the selected artists presented their projects on site in a roving auditory experience.

For the 2015 iteration of this event, now in its third year, the event drew on a roster of artists whose work represents diverse perspectives, some as instrumentalists, others who come from a sculptural/installation based sound practice and still others whose work centers more on composition.

Curated by Joe Ahearn, presented by Clocktower Productions

This event is made possible, in part, by the Queens Council an the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Winter Jamboree


Free, family friendly Winter Jamboree complete with bounce house, giant obstacle course, a beach themed photo booth, craft corner, a music video workshop and much more!

Join in the fun on February 20th from 11am-2pm.

Malingering Uvula II


On November 16th, 2012, Knockdown Center hosted an “Malingering Uvula II: The Face That Lied (Geometric Edibles).” The event was billed as “equal parts performance, immersive installation, and dinner party.” Created by artists Camilla Ha and Michael Merck, the ongoing series “sparked by a conversation about the Futurist Cookbook and surrealist dinners.” Ha, Fagan Noose, MV Carbon, Cupola Bobber, Keti Kartveli, Brian Chase, Gabrielle Muller, David Lackner, Aaron Fagan, Zebediah Keneally, and Thermos Unigarde all contributed to the various environments.

Outdoor Interactive Recreational Sculpture Park


Knockdown Center officially opened its doors to the public on August 10, 2012. To celebrate, Knockdown Center commissioned original works from nineteen artists, designers and architects to create The Outdoor Recreational Sculpture Part (OIRSG). Inspired by both the whimsy of the sport and the formal possibilities of the course’s architecture, these artists created a miniature golf course on the sprawling three acre grounds of the Knockdown Center.

Mini-golf Holes by
Arielle Baio, Astrid Busch, Jeff DeGolier, Aasha Foster, Eric Hagan, Kemeya Harper, Jamie Lin, Rowan Norlander-McCarty, Geetha Pedapati, Anna Pinkas, Zach Postone, Naida Serak, Chris Shelley, Amber Shields, sumu (Gabriela Bruno, Soña Power, Ioannis Sochorakis & Alex Postelnicu), and Brian Wondergem

Musical performances by
Trabajo, Happy New Year, Saturn Dogs, and Tim Garrigan

Bring Your Own Beamer


On Saturday, October 6th 2012, Knockdown Center presented Bring Your Own Beamer featuring live projections by almost 30 artists accompanied by live music.

Projections by: Sam Ashford, Ivana Basic, Beauty Today, Lily Benson, Dora Budor+Maya Cule, Victoria Campbell, Micaela Carolan, April Childers, Tomashi Jackson, Deborah Johnson, Anna Liberman, Rebecca Leopold, Amanda Long, Hannah Manfredi, Andrew Ross, Wadih Sader, Saki Sato, Joao Salema + Sofy Yuditskaya ,Taylor Shields, Anthony Simon, Nikita Vishnevskiy +more! Live Music by: Lydsod, Trabajo, Raft, Jeanann Dara, Skip LaPlante, and Insect Deli

Holiday Sculpture Farm


In December of 2013, Knockdown Center presented Non-denominational Holiday Sculpture Farm. 

The original press release…

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve… the list goes on and on but what does it all mean? Although each insular observance claims agency over its calendar dates and rituals there are many similarities and narrative cross-over points adding to the general cacophony of geographic, financial, and emotional obligations. Non-denominational Holiday Sculptures seek to toy with this insularity by sussing out the universal traits of celebratory ritual and incorporating them into our everyday lives. Non-denominational Sculptures are access points to these universal traits and are meant to remain on view throughout the calendar year to encourage sustained tolerance and appreciation for this unanimous human desire to assemble and celebrate our various cultures.

Live Nation & Honda Stage Present: Deadmau5


Presented by Live Nation and Honda Stage, progressive house music DJ Deadmau5 played a free concert for fans in celebration of his upcoming double album, 5 Years of Mau5.

Deadmau5 gave his fans a taste of his newest tracks mixed in with some old favorites in an exciting performance that was streamed live on YouTube.

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