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Deaf Club

Deaf Club

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Apr 28, 7:30-11pm


Future Punx
King Pussy Face

Opal Gordon
Maleni Chaitoo
Jubil Khan
Jeremy Lee Sanchez

Wall, Future Punx and King Pussy Face play a punk show with ASL performers, inspired by a scene from Alison O’Daniel’s film. The scene is a re-enactment (with some fictionalization) of the final punk show hosted by artist Bruce Conner that took place at The Deaf Club in San Francisco in 1979. The Deaf Club was a deaf social club that hosted west coast punk shows for roughly 9 months. The manager of the punk band The Offs approached them, they agreed, and a legendary, though very underground, convergence of two disparate social groups occurred. It is fondly recounted that the union dissipated when the neighbors complained about the noise. The re-enactment was filmed in NYC at PS1’s printshop with more than 60 participants from the larger NYC Deaf community and a whole slew of enthusiastic NYC punks.

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