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AMPLIFY with Discwoman

AMPLIFY with Discwoman

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Thursday, December 8, 2016




Richard Kennedy

This will be a donation based workshop lead by Richard Kennedy as part of Amplify: SIREN x Discwoman x Brutaż. All donations received for this event will benefit Standing Rock.

About the workshop:

There’s something about screaming that we don’t understand. It struck us that we haven’t ever screamed in our life, just because we felt like it. It struck us that we can’t even imagine the scream of our friends. It struck us that we can’t scream together. It struck us that it seems the only screams that are acknowledged are those of the powerful.

Why isn’t it a socially-accepted action when feeling anxious, vulnerable or just strange? Why do we feel like we have to bear the shit quietly, if we’re unable to change the course of events? Why do we have to shut up?

It’s because we’re not meant to hear each other, united, it’s because we’re potentially unsafe, potentially irresistibly strong. It’s because we’re supposed to feel weak. Fuck that. Let’s scream it off.

We, SIREN (London), Discwoman (NY) and Brutaż (Warsaw) are three techno collectives usually channeling loud sounds through speakers. This time, however, it’s about YOUR noise. We’re hiring professional coaches to help you scream loud and clear, for many reasons and for no reason. Come and build a wall of noise with us. Together, let’s take up space, express our rage, feel powerful and be LOUD. Let’s AMPLIFY each other.

Please note: These workshops are intended as a performance for group empowerment & are not intended as therapy for those with PTSD. We have people on hand throughout the sessions to ensure everyone is doing okay!

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