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You Are Here (Trouble Maze) Music Festival

You Are Here (Trouble Maze) Music Festival

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Jun 30 – July 4


6/30 8pm

Yung Mayne presents:
Venus X / Sporting Life / Unstoppable Death Machines / Abdu Ali / Black Dave

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7/1 8pm
Mean Red presents:
Prefuse 73Brian DeGraw (DJ) / Eu1ogyArto Lindsay / ZS / Loren Connors / Excepter (DJ)

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7/2 12pm
House of Feelings presents:
Horselover Fats / DJ Fitness / DJ Kyk / DJ Eric Phipps

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7/2 8pm
Tryna Function presents:
Suicide Year / Serpentwithfeet / Sharp Veins / Dese / Pleasure Centers / Ezra

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7/3 12pm
Beat Haus presents:
Noah B / FXWRK / Atilla / Thomas Piper / P.U.D.G.E. / Fresh Daily

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7/3 8pm
Insect presents:
Steven TangZemi17 / Leisure Muffin / Princevali / Sedan Sedan / Michael Musick

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7/4 8pm
Loveless presents:
Mister Wallace / Waffle Crew / Rozay Lebeija / Celestial Trax / Quest?onmarc / Gooddroid / LTE

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Knockdown Center presents the infamous You Are Here (Trouble Maze) Music Festival: a series of live concerts inside a giant string maze.  2016’s incarnation will bring a new design, and a much larger maze than previous installations. Co-presented by Trans-Pecos. Trouble is Sam Hillmer, Laura Paris, and Lawrence Mesich. They are devoted to creating extreme environments that have no exterior, public art both condoned and illegal, and other kinds of visual/sound art.

Tickets are $10 in advance / $15 at the door




6/30 show: New York City’s street scenes of skate rap and industrial art-punk meets Abdu Ali’s Balitmore queer afro-futurist noise. Venus X of GHE20G0TH1K mixes international, urban, and Internet-inspired tracks into a distinctly ghetto goth sound.

7/1 show: Intergenerational bill of noise/no wave practitioners converge for an evening of difficult listening.  Arto Lindsay in town from Brazil. Not to be missed!

7/2 daytime show: Pre-apocalyptic grime and drone music meets the DJs from House of Feelings’ obscure disco, house, and techno– plus the occasional dance pop.

7/2 nighttime show: Tryna Function presents an evening of crystallised grime, hip-hop, and ambient sounds. Suicideyear brings Southern trap influences to his deep house tracks, while serpentwithfeet promises a uniquely performative pagan gospel act.

7/3 daytime show: Hip-hop is pushed to the limit by these artists mixing electronic trap with synth, dancehall with queer club music, and soulful house with fuzzy sonic sounds.

7/3 nighttime show: A medley of electronic and techno artists deliver fuzzy synth, delicate nature-inspired sounds, and elegant electroacoustic music.

7/4 show: A high-energy evening with Mister Wallace boldly spitting clever rhymes over solid, bass-thumping beats, and electronic artists bringing raw club music. Dance collective Waffle Crew’s fast footwork is straight from New York City’s streets and subways.


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