Rapoon:Pas Musique:House of Blondes:On A Clear Day:Luciernaga:Jim Tuite-Live Visuals

Rapoon:Pas Musique:House of Blondes:On A Clear Day:Luciernaga:Jim Tuite-Live Visuals

TICKETS April 6, 2017

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$10 // 21+




Pas Musique

House of Blondes

On A Clear Day


Live Visuals by Jim Tuite

Founder member of zoviet france 1980-1992. Worked as rapoon since 1992.
Numerous solo works and collaborations with other artists. Projects include music for film
and modern dance productions. Also a visual artist exhibiting widely and internationally.
Works with Mark Spybey DVOA (also ex-soviet france) as Reformed Faction.

Pas Musique

Pas Musique started in 1995 out of Brooklyn, NY, USA, driven by the creative talents of Robert L. Pepper working in the mediums of sound and video. Since then Pas Musique has evolved into a collective with many different instrumentations and lineups. Permanent members include Jon “Vomit” Worthley, Michael Durek, and Robert Pepper. An additional past member was Amber Brien until 2015. Guests and occasional collaborators include, Brett Zweiman, David Tamura, Cathy Heyden, Jim Tuite, Brandstifter, Robin Storey, Philippe Petit, ZEV!, HATI, Steve Beresford, Will Seesar, Matt Chilton, Anthony Donovan, Chester Hawkins, and many others.

House of Blondes

House of Blondes is an electronic quartet, whose debut album was recently acclaimed by The Quietus as “the most phenomenologically beautiful album heard in a long time. The synthesisers across the whole record sound like they’re floating in the room in front of you, as though the tendrils of their oscillations and reverberations are reaching out and stroking your face, your skin, your inner organs.” Best New Bands premiered their newest track “Are You Boys All Right?”, praising it as “a dark, ambient pulser that feels like it could be part of a soundtrack to a Wong Kar-Wai film, evoking images of a smokey night punctuated by neon lines”.

On a Clear Day

Musicians David Grant (DeTrop / Action Patrol) and Ryan Martin (York Factory Complaint / Copley Medal)


Luciernaga is the solo recording project of Joao M. Da Silva, owner of Fabrica Records. Luciernaga uses field recordings, guitar, shruti box, buddha machine, mbira, and cassettes to create textures.
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