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Long Term Exposure: Transaction closing peformance

Long Term Exposure: Transaction closing peformance

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Jul 17, 5pm

Pat Noecker will set up 10 amps in a circle and execute his tonal sound work called “Long Term Exposure” for the closing of Transaction, an exhibition of 23 suspended personal artifacts organized by Elijah Wheat Showroom. A floor rug and pillow will be positioned in front of each amp in order to provide listeners with an immersive experience where they will be bathed in sustained sine waves over a period of 30 minutes. Long Term Exposure was designed using tone-generating apps with the aim to positively alter the physical body through protracted sound.  The piece grew from Noecker’s experiments playing tone-generating apps, most recently for Hopes And Fears Magazine and at Trans-Pecos.

RAFT is the sound and music exploration of Pat Noecker. He has been exploring composition through IOS apps and the potentiality of crowd-sourced collage since 2012. Noecker’s projects have received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Wire, Spin, and numerous other publications and he has performed for MoMA, the Whitney, PS1, the Kennedy Center, the Getty Museum, London ICA, and the San Francisco Fillmore, among many other cultural and underground venues.
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