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Free the Mind, The Creepers, Catfox

Free the Mind, The Creepers, Catfox

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Friday, November 18, 2016



Free the mind

The Creepers


Come join us for an early evening of music! Leave the kids at home and the melodic notes and clever words will drift through the air straight into your adult ears!

A night of fun, witty, poignant, special, loving, truthful, sincere, brave, honest, charismatic, intense, dark, childlike, spunky, silly, bright, funny, touching, inspiring, selfish, sad, grand, budding, supple, sharp, beautiful music!

A celebration of women, and the love of women, if you will…

Feminist matriarchy rock. Educating men with their minds, killing them with their hearts, teaching you to shut up and listen, dragging your brain through the juice and hoping it seeps in.

Melodies dedicated to the love and worship of women. Entering the place where your love lives, and staying over night, and making breakfast in the morning.

Demon of glam-camp rock-erotics and sorceress of hi-literature, nu-carny, post-life song-spells. Defining what it means to be pure power and strength, grabbing your innards and gently, slowly pulling them out inch by inch until the smile on your face in permanent.

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