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Contemporary Temporary Sound Sessions

Contemporary Temporary Sound Sessions

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November 17


Daniel Neumann
Kamron Saniee
Michael Hammond
Gus Callahan
Matthew Gantt
Gabe Raines
Jenn Grossman
Woody Sullender

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Under the guidance of Daniel Neumann, CT-SWaM founder and accomplished sound engineer, this 3 day workshop is catered to sound artists, noise producers, composers of electronic and electro-acoustic music, as well as experimental musicians and sound designers, interested in deepening their practice and exploring spatialization as a creative element.

The workshop will give a historical overview on the subject with some technical background and explored aesthetics and techniques for spatialization. One objective is to practice listening as a phenomenological activity: the listener immersed in inner spaces / distance and continuity / sound as intersubjective space.

For more information on attending the workshop click here.

The workshop itself is now closed to the public but participants and guest performers will present work at Knockdown Center on the following days:

Sat, Nov 14
4p-6p: performances by participants
6p-8p: Pedro Lopes (Berlin), lecture and performance

Sun, Nov 15
2p-6p: performances by participants

Tue, Nov 17, $7 suggested donation

Kamron Saniee
Michael Hammond
Gus Callahan
Matthew Gantt
Gabe Raines

7pm Gabe Raines will present “Sun Castle – Room of a Thousand Doors – Door Two”. His sound project describes various spaces inside an imaginary castle. The spaces can be together into a functional audio map of the cavernous circular room.

8:30pm Jenn Grossman: multi-channel pieces

9pm Woody Sullender’s “Variations on Furniture Music” is a series of multi-channel electronic music performances utilizing arrangements of modular cardboard forms outfitted with audio transducers. His work encompass a variety of media including music, sculpture, performance, theater, installation, architecture, origami, and even sonic weaponry. Among other activities, he is founding co-editor (will Bill Dietz) of the sonic arts publication Ear | Wave | Event (

All performances are open to the public.


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