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BEMF Presents: Airport Music for Black Folks at Transference

BEMF Presents: Airport Music for Black Folks at Transference

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Nov 12, door 8pm

3 nights featuring electronic musicians with visual arts practice… Chino Amobi is co-founder of record label NON, a collective of African artists, and of the diaspora, using sound as their primary media to articulate the visible and invisible structures that create binaries in society, and in turn distribute power. Amobi’s music reflects the violence of everyday lifeā€”the fragmented quality of post-internet existence, the lonely sensation of every place almost feeling like home.

Richard Kennedy (a choreographer of Authority Figure) is a New York-based singer and artist with deep roots in Brooklyn’s queer underground, Vice’s Thump recently previewed his new album, Open Wound in a Pool of Sharks.

Suzi Analogue is an American soul/electronic/experimental artist and founder of label Never Normal. She is known for her songwriting and production contributions to genre-bending indie urban music worldwide.

Part of Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2016
Built by MeanRed & Good Peoples, Curated by Sam Hillmer


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