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Beach House

Beach House

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

March 22 & 23


Beach House

A series of performances taking place in art spaces and alternative venues during the Beach House North American spring tour. A specially designed room with light installation and projection sets the mood for this intimate set, with the audience seated on the floor (b.y.o. pillow). Maximum attendance of 200 for the two-piece performance, featuring songs from Thank Your Lucky Stars, Devotion and their self titled record.

A note from the band about the concept: It has always been difficult to carry the initial moments of creativity that inspire our music through the process of making and releasing a record. There are many chances along the way for the feeling to get lost. A lot of “bedroom” bands experience this when they get to the studio or the stage. This installation performance is an attempt to elicit this pure, embryonic state of mind for ourselves and our audience.


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