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Disco Tehran – Nowrouz Show


This show will fundraise to provide VPN connections for Iranians to bypass severe internet filtrations in Iran.

Disco Tehran is a funky warm dance party & live performance project that connects NY to the era of 1970s discotheques in Iran. Each party explores groovy throwbacks and rare music from the Asian continent, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. 

Akumandra – Brooklyn


Akumandra returns for their Brooklyn showcase with Denis Horvat, Konstantin Sibold, Pablo & Mateo, and Eli.

PAN-POT, Octave One (live), Desna


PAN-POT returns to Knockdown Center, this time with Octave One. The duo of Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix stands as one of techno’s most beloved acts. Paragon’s of Berlin’s sleek and darkly pulsating sound, their productions have included instant classics like “Charly” and “Captain My Captain,” each one a dancefloor bomb that balances huge moments with carefully tooled grooves. They’re joined by Octave One. Brothers Lenny and Lawrence Burden are renowned live performers, bringing a small studio’s worth of gear to the stage. Their performances are masterclasses, bringing their soulful originals to life with joyful spontaneity and a virtuosic level of control.

LGNDS: Boris, Oscar G, Mark Knight, Kenny Dope


LGNDS – those uniquely talented DJ / Producers who have performed for thousands around the world but at the same time maintain the ultimate connection and credibility amongst their core fans. They always stay true to the music and to the cultures from which they emerged. They have all been doing this for decades and yet their roles in the current nightlife climate is as strong as ever. The NYC 2022 edition of LGNDS features 4 artists who represent some of the world’s great house music destinations. Kenny Dope and Boris from New York, Oscar G from Miami and Mark Knight from England. Four giants of the industry coming together at Knockdown Center for this one special night of Saturday December 17, 2022.

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