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MTAMB Music Festival

MTAMB is the collaborative endeavor of China’s MTA music festival (天漠音乐节) and L.A. based independent promoter Minty Boi presents.
Presented on multiple stages in Knockdown Center’s main hall and outdoor Ruins space.

Âme, Jason Kendig, Cosmo


Âme is back at Knockdown Center for an outdoor DJ session at the Ruins helmed by duo member Kristian Beyer. The Innervisions co-founder is one of Germany’s most sophisticated techno artists and a definitive voice for over a decade. Âme’s productions exemplify the smoky allure and understated impact that Innervisions is revered for. He is joined by Honey Soundsystem co-founder Jason Kendig and NY’s Cosmo, representing two generations of house. Kendig’s sets glow with a rich beauty, while Cosmo reinvigorates foundational sounds with her fresh perspective.

Len Faki


In the modern techno landscape, Len Faki stands out. One of the original Berghain residents, he’s made his name as one of the genre’s most steadfast, forward-thinking voices, with his releases on Ostgut Ton and his own Figure imprint standing as testaments to techno’s timeless power. He was meant to play Knockdown Center almost a year ago, but had to postpone due to an injury. We’re glad he’s recovered and can finally join us for what will surely be an incredible night.

FJAAK, Schacke, Lydo


Three of the most definitive voices in modern techno – FJAAK, Schacke, and Lydo – meet at Knockdown Center on May 27. German techno duo FJAAK return to Knockdown Center following an absolute barn-burner of a set at last year’s inaugural WIRE Festival. Beloved for their careening, uninhibited productions, electrifying live sets and undeniable charm, FJAAK immediately established themselves in a crowded field. Since their first releases a decade ago, they’ve remained a vital and forward thinking presence, continuing to push heavy rave aesthetics into the future. They play alongside Schacke, the Danish artist responsible for one our modern era’s most indelible anthems: 2019’s “Kistloty People” is how many became aware of the artist, with its irresistible sugar rush vocals and euphoric trance-inflected melodies making it a certified breakout. Since then, Schacke has only pushed their sound further, fusing huge techno sonics with wild artistic flourishes and an open, exploratory approach that sets them apart. BASEMENT resident Lydo completes the lineup. They’re an undeniable presence and one of the finest DJ’s to emerge from NY’s fertile underground. By turns fluid and slamming, Lydo brings an elegant intensity to their sets that’s utterly commanding.

Tiki Disco


Tiki Disco cannot be stopped. Join us for their third party in the Ruins this season.


For its summer 2023 edition, Outline matches the season with a lineup that embraces sweaty and surreal strains of modern indie rock, avant punk, and art-damaged pop. Tracing dark undercurrents below breezy, jangly surfaces, Crumb and Palm each present their own startling views of psych-rock, evoking by turns the melted and glistening. U.S. Girls brings an urgent, politically satirical take on synth-pop that draws on strains of 60s psychedelia, 80s funk, and 90s shoegaze. Grace Ives and Club Intl define pop music on their own terms as well, performing with a controlled urgency and unflinching hookiness. Model/Actriz and Pelada bring a jagged fury to the mix, with snarling, catalyzing rawness. 
Together, this lineup represents the vanguard of independent rock and its many extensions, in an undeniably fertile and creative moment. 
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