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Anxious Spaces Opening


Anxious Spaces: Installation as Catalyst is Clocktower’s annual performance and installation festival. The 2015 exhibition brought a dynamic selection of artists to Knockdown Center’s dramatic compound for a month of on-site development, kicking off the exhibition with a celebration of the work and its fluid transformation from environment to stage.

The opening event on July 5 featured a special set by Aurora Halal in the backyard ruin, Lucas Abela playing glass with his face, and Prince Rama activating their zen waterpark in the outdoor patio. The evening culminated in a 24-person improvisation with Abela’s IV drip drum machines.

Installations by Will Ryman, Molly Lowe, Tim Bruniges, Aurora Halal, Lucas Abela, Ben Mortimer, Prince Rama, and Audra Wolowiec. On view through July 26, Saturdays and Sundays, from 2 to 6pm and by appointment.



II Machines Live: Lydia Chrisman and Lilja Birgisdóttir


As part of the ongoing exhibition II Machines: Clive Murphy & Trevor Tweeten, the Knockdown Center and Rawson Projects presented a special evening of live performance by dancer Lydia Chrisman and Icelandic artist Lilja Birgisdóttir.

Lydia Chrisman debuted an original dance piece inspired by the sculptural installations exhibited in II Machines. She collaborated with Trevor Tweeten in the creation of the film for his sculpture Running in Eight Directions. For the evening’s performance she continues to extend the vocabulary of movements and rhythm highlighted in Tweeten’s ambitious film installation.

Lilja Birgisdóttir performed an original musical work that began with her solo voice, which was then looped repeatedly, slowly building up to form a choir of vocals filling the immense Knockdown Center space. Rawson Projects exhibited Lilja Birgisdóttir and Clive Murphy at NADA NY art fair on view May 14-17.  Jessamyn Fiore also organized Birgisdóttir’s solo show at Rawson Projects gallery titled If your colors were like my dream, on view through June 21. More information available at

Internet Yami-Ichi


Knockdown Center is pleased to present the U.S. debut of Internet Yami-Ichi (Internet black market), where artists, creators, and makers will come together to sell and trade Internet-related items in a flea market style bazaar. The Internet Yami-Ichi invites vendors and visitors to browse face-to-face, to “log in” to an intercultural exchange of the Internet and real world. Artist duo Exonemo and online collective organized the first Yami-Ichi festival in Japan, which has since spread to Berlin, Brussels, and now New York, for its largest iteration to date. The Internet Yami-Ichi in New York coincides with the first ever World Wide Yami-Ichi Weeks (WWyW), simultaneous events taking place in Taichung, Taiwan; São Paulo, Brazil; Linz, Austria, and Seoul, Korea.

The event is a manifestation of the enthusiasm, desires, and freedoms of the early days of the Internet. A time when users – not corporations – controlled data. As puts forth, “Once upon a time, the Internet was supposed to be a place for liberty.” Since then the Internet has evolved and impacted life in many ways. We are ever-more dependent on smart phones and digital communication to interact with the physical world. The desire for quick communication has spawned countless memes and emojis, now used like a second language. Social media and data sharing sites are hubs for friendships and knowledge. Privacy, anonymity, and freedom of speech have become critical points of debate as companies enforce copyright laws, activities such as “liking” are tracked and monetized, and forum trolls wreak havoc on message boards. The Internet Yami-Ichi brings these experiences in virtual space to the real world – creating a humorous and timely discussion of Internet culture.

The Japanese word “Yami-Ichi” translates directly into the English “black market”, though due to an emphasis created by mixing different Japanese writing systems the word “yami” takes on double meaning of “sick for” / “addicted to” etc., so a more accurate translation might be “Internet Obsessive Market.”

Organized by Exonemo,, Chris Romero, Eri Takane, PARTY Inc., and many others, the New York edition of the Internet Yami-Ichi will host over 100 vendors who will communicate and share their love for the Internet and reveal the depth it contains. Coinciding with the event will be an exhibition featuring the works of artists and performances.
Adam OkrasinskiAddie WagenknechtAlbert NegredoAllison Parrish, Andrew BadrAngie ShenAnime Research GroupAnnie MalametAnsh, Aram BarthollArcangel SurfwareART404Ayyoko Confidential, Babycastlesto.beTokyo Twilight, Chris Romero, Carla GannisCaroline SinderseteamSocial ClinicClaire, Clement VallaCorinna Kirsch and Dylan SchenkerDaniel Johnson, Daniel JohnstonDarren KongDavid HuertaDavid Kraftsow, Dries DepoorterLouise DrulheDoritaEd BearElena Garnelo, Emily SheehanEmma StammexonemoFabien MousseHannah Epstein, IDPW, The Institute for the Study of Invisible Walls, Jon Burgerman, Katy DresnerKristin Lucas & 
Joe McKayFaith Holland, Fantasista UtamaroG. A. Carafelli & Jen AhearnGoichi HOSAKA, Guilherme Pena CostaImani RazatNina KUOInternet dude (?), Invisible Light NetworkJeff DonaldsonJeff OngJohann DiedrickJohn Farrell & Fletcher BachJohn Provencher, Julian SheepKaren Y. ChanCreate In SituLaura Juo Hsin Chen, Lauren McCarthyRyan HaleLeah SchragerLinn Livijn Wexell, Lizzie DavisMaddy VarnerluxloopMarianna de NadalArt F City, Powrplnt, Mattia Casalegno, Jason SigalMasanori Mizuno, Michael MandibergMike ChoMiles JoynerMeguru Yamaguchi- NIGHT TRAINMike RichisonNate Graham, NIKO, Nicolas ProbstNukeme, NullsleepØLIVIA_FØXOR BooksOTOLibrary of the Printed Web, Qanta ShimizuPhilip David StearnsRafaël Rozendaal, Lorenzo SanjuanThe Rack NYCRAFiARei NakanishiHELLO VELOCITY, Ohm and SportMR BOTSRoberta Bennett, Robert Martin, Ross Goodwin, Rollin LeonardRyoji TanakaSurya Mattu & Tega BrainSarah Grant,
Sarah RothbergSessa Englund, Sekai Kouzuma, Several.Works, Sharang Biswas,Shingo OhnoShunyaHAGIWARASong HiaTabita Rezaire, tadahiTakuya HosoganeEri TakaneTaisan TanakaTaeyoon Choi, GifpopAlvin YeungTakashi Horisaki, Tess Adams, Transfer Gallery,
Trish MacKenzieTwinhead 
Cat HoltzUttam Grandhi, Uni & YefengVSOONWade JeffreeWEATHER MANYuchen ZhangZach KrallZach LiebermanZZYW!!

Contact or visit for more info.



Bloomsday is an annual celebration of James Joyce’s Ulysses that takes place on June 16. The novel takes place over the course of a single day, June 16, 1904, with 18 episodes that correspond to Homer’s Odyssey. Each of the 18 chapters of the book were transformed into installations of art objects, structures, sounds, videos, performance, food, and more. Celebrating Joyce’s “enraptured paean to the world of the physical senses,” our Bloomsday was an ambulatory experience that mirrored Joyce’s prose in all its juicy, uncompromising, vulnerable, fragmented, and synesthetic confusion.

Participants include:

Abraham Adams, Sonel Breslav (Blonde Art Books), Victoria Campbell, Ashton Cooper, Simon Critchley, Anthony Cudahy, Moze Halperin, Kelsey Harrison, Bethany Ides, Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan (E.S.P. TV) Jillian McManemin, Marrek Milde and Kristyna Milde, Papercut Press (Maggie Craig + Amela Parcic), Paul Pino (PAULAPART), Paul Pinto, Nicole Reber, Sorry Archive, Michael Swellander, Zefrey Throwell, H. Weaver, Chloe Wyma, Alex Zandi

Reading table organized by Blonde Art Books with contributions from Ugly Duckling Presse, Molasses Books, Mellow Pages Library and more.

All are welcome. Email for more info.

Bring Your Own Beamer


On Saturday, October 6th 2012, Knockdown Center presented Bring Your Own Beamer featuring live projections by almost 30 artists accompanied by live music.

Projections by: Sam Ashford, Ivana Basic, Beauty Today, Lily Benson, Dora Budor+Maya Cule, Victoria Campbell, Micaela Carolan, April Childers, Tomashi Jackson, Deborah Johnson, Anna Liberman, Rebecca Leopold, Amanda Long, Hannah Manfredi, Andrew Ross, Wadih Sader, Saki Sato, Joao Salema + Sofy Yuditskaya ,Taylor Shields, Anthony Simon, Nikita Vishnevskiy +more! Live Music by: Lydsod, Trabajo, Raft, Jeanann Dara, Skip LaPlante, and Insect Deli

Holiday Sculpture Farm


In December of 2013, Knockdown Center presented Non-denominational Holiday Sculpture Farm. 

The original press release…

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve… the list goes on and on but what does it all mean? Although each insular observance claims agency over its calendar dates and rituals there are many similarities and narrative cross-over points adding to the general cacophony of geographic, financial, and emotional obligations. Non-denominational Holiday Sculptures seek to toy with this insularity by sussing out the universal traits of celebratory ritual and incorporating them into our everyday lives. Non-denominational Sculptures are access points to these universal traits and are meant to remain on view throughout the calendar year to encourage sustained tolerance and appreciation for this unanimous human desire to assemble and celebrate our various cultures.

The Lost Lectures


In partnership with Hyperallergic, The Lost Lectures presented 6 world-class speakers, performances, interactive demos and art installations.

The evening’s lineup featured musical sensation Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes), writer and publisher Choire Sicha (of The Awl), photographer Barbara Nitke, scientist Marc Abrahams, and Brooklyn dance sensations Flex Is Kings + filmmaker Deidre Schoo.

For more information on the speakers, visit the The Lost Lectures.

Bike Cult Show


The fact that the bicycle has come to be so cool is no fault of its own. The world’s most efficient vehicle is not only about self-propelled transport and synergistic fun and freedom, it’s also profoundly aesthetic as a personal fashion statement embodied with wheels.

In August of 2014, The Knockdown Center hosted Bike Cult Show featuring made-to-order cycling machines, using a variety of materials and methods, where cliches like form vs. function, the genius in the details and 10,000 hours practice surely apply.

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