Our expansive, private 3 acre lot offers endless looks and drastically different environments to choose from including: warehouse, relic exterior buildings and basement, parking lot/outdoor, domestic settings, commercial kitchen, bar/nightclub + more. Our open floor plan is well suited for large-scale set builds, can easily accommodate holding/catering, is conveniently equipped with ample power distribution and is climate controlled.
  • Mains
  • Exterior
  • Bars
  • Backyard
  • Basement
  • Other spaces

Photo Gallery  Main Floor Plan

Contact mail@knockdown.center or 347.915.5615 to discuss availability or to set up a scout.


Knockdown Center’s multiple joined/dividable spaces with 5 adjacent outdoor areas lend themselves to a broad range of uses from conferences with break out rooms, to multi-stage music festivals. With an open floor plan, and capacities from 1000-3100, our century year old building is sure to leave a lasting impression.
We exclusively offer full service beverage packages in house and provide spacious accommodating kitchen facilities for caterers.
Please send us the following information about your event to mail@knockdown.center and we will be in touch to schedule an on-site consultation:
  • Description of event (who, what, why)
  • Specific date(s) or date range
  • Production timeline (load-in, installation, event time, strike)
  • Proposed floor plan
  • Will you serve food or beverage?
  • Public or private?
  • Expected attendance
  • Is this ticketed or invite only?


Knockdown Center is the ideal location for couples seeking to celebrate their wedding on a grand scale. We have worked hard to create a breathtaking yet flexible environment that features a variety of textures –both elegant and raw– that are easily customized to accommodate your celebration. Our unique outdoor spaces, on-site parking, spacious catering facilities and private dressing rooms round out our 20,000 sq ft main spaces to ensure that your wedding will be memorable from beginning to end. Now accepting bookings for parties of 250+.


Please review the PDF below then send us an email with your ideal date or date range and estimated guest count to mail@knockdown.center and we will be in touch to set up an on-site consultation.