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Temporary Allegiance

Temporary Allegiance


Frank Traynor, Mariana Ruiz, Kevin Evons, Alex Neuscheler, Orlando Estrada, Andrea Arrubla, Blind Arch, Nick Normal, David Opdyke, Camilla Ha, John Roemer, Kate Leopold, Zefrey Throwell, Tom Haviv, Sid & Jim, ‘Well Dressed Villains’ & MALAXA

A 40-foot flagpole erected at Knockdown Center was the site of Temporary Allegiance, a collaborative artwork by Philip von Zweck. The project originated in Chicago as a platform for the freedom of expression on a public college campus. Although typically a stable institutional fixture, this flagpole offers anyone the opportunity for monumental visibility for a limited time only.

A flag can bear national or military emblems, mascots, warning signals, or propaganda, among others. In many countries desecration of the national flag is a punishable crime. Patriotic love or rage, fandom, competition, festivity, spirituality, mourning—these are some of the array of reactions a flag can engender. The term “temporary allegiance” legally refers to the duty of a non-citizen to obey all laws so long as he remains in that country. Implied is the notion of flux, that loyalty and identity can be reconsidered as the flag is hoisted and lowered.

Philip von Zweck would like to thank Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois Chicago for previously hosting this project.

Submission information:

– Each flag will fly for ~2 weeks

– Unconventional shapes, sizes, and materials are acceptable so long as safety considerations are met (weight, fastening, and wind durability)

– Maximum flag size is 8 by 12 feet

– Flags should be attachable at a minimum of 2 points, 3 feet apart

– Individuals will have their name posted on a signboard next to the pole, and their contact info will be made available to inquiring visitors

9/24 – 10/5 “Flag from the Perfect Nothing Catalog” by Frank Traynor

10/5 – 10/19 “Rest in Pizza NYC” by Mariana Ruiz

10/19 – 11/2  “Space Dribble” by Kevin Evons

11/2 – 11/16 “Flag for a Failed Space Ship” by Alex Neuscheler

11/17 – 12/1 “Freak Flag” by Orlando Estrada

12/1 – 12/15 flag by Andrea Arrubla

12/16 – 12/30 flag by Blind Arch (Claire Mirocha and Alex Lombard)

12/30 – 1/13 Nick Normal’s flag for The Autonomous Nation of THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU

1/13 – 1/28  “God Isn’t Fixing This” by David Opdyke

1/29 – 2/12 Camilla Ha

2/12 – 3/24  Camilla Ha

3/25 – 4/13 John Roemer

4/14 – 4/26 Kate Leopold

4/28 – 5/13 Zefrey Throwell “Eurazor Union”

5/13 – 6/1 Tom Haviv “A flag of No Nation”

6/1 – 7/9 Sid and Jim

7/9 – 8/6 “Well Dressed Villains”

8/6 – 9/4 MALAXA

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