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Sunday Service: Julia Santoli Presents…

Sunday Service: Julia Santoli Presents…

Kaia Gilje, Jung Hee Mun, Kathy Halfin + Jean Carla Rodea, Raki Malhotra, Sarah Valdez

Kaia Gilje, Jung Hee Mun, Kathy Halfin + Jean Carla Rodea, Raki Malhotra, Sarah Valdez

RSVP October 7, 2018



Julia Santoli


Kaia Gilje

Jung Hee Mun

Kathy Halfin + Jean Carla Rodea

Raki Malhotra

Sarah Valdez

Becoming Otherwise


PIE root al “beyond” suffix ter “other”  intransitive sense “ to become otherwise”


Sta- “to stand, make or be firm”

Julia Santoli’s Sunday Service, entitled Becoming Otherwise, explores unfixed territories and altered states featuring five artists whose work enacts and conjures transformative spaces of energetic exchange through inner/outer intentions, sculptural relations, and virtual play. Over the course of the evening, the artists will employ tools and tactics that rove through movement, task-based performance, sculpture, sound, and VR.

About the Curator

Julia Santoli is a multi-media artist and experimental musician. Creating immersive and precarious environments with voice, feedback, electronics, and installation, her work deals with intergenerational hauntings and reclamation through the body. She has presented solo and collaborative works at various sites such as Queens Museum, Drawing Center, ISSUE Project Room, New York Live Arts, Judson Memorial Church, LUMP, Widow Jane Mine cave, Panoply Performance Laboratory; as well as presented and taught workshops during a 5-month residency in Spinnerei, Leipzig, DE. She is currently an Artist in Residence at Issue Project Room, and a 2019 Asian Cultural Council Fellow.


About the Artists

Kaia Gilje is a movement artist, working improvisationally and with task based actions.  She has worked as a solo artist, a dancer for choreographers, and as a part of many groups and collectives including Panoply Performance Laboratory, Feminist Art Group, and Undoing and Doing.

Sarah Viviana Valdez is an artist previously based out of Sarasota, FL and recently moved to Brooklyn, NY. Her practice spans across different disciplines of visual arts, video, wearable technology, performance, and sound. Under the moniker i_like_dog_face, Valdez uses live performances combining sound and visuals to explore the malleability of environments, both spatially and on the level of human interaction (the audience-performer relationship). A primary focus as of late has been the use of digital processes in conjunction with microbial substance, under the loose guise of fashion. She has been working with unconventional materials that biodegrade in order to merge biology with technology. She received a B.F.A from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2010. Valdez has exhibited and performed artworks nationally and internationally at venues such as ICA Miami, Elastic Arts, Art in Odd Places Orlando, INDEX Festival, Casa Quien and John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

Jung Hee Mun is a multimedia video artist based in NYC. Mun earned her MFA from School of Visual Arts in NYC and BFA in printmaking installation from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Mun currently teaches at School of Visual Arts and BMCC. Mun’s work addresses the increasing tension between an idea of what it truly means to be “human”, if such a thing exists, and the contemporary technologies that threaten this notion under the guise of “enriching” it. Is it possible to be more in touch with ourselves, by means which actually take us further away from ourselves? Means which seemingly allow us ultimate control of ourselves, while technically rendering our control useless? Through this lens, With inherently performative aspects of  VR / AR technology, she investigates identity politics, relationships (internal and external), history, and the future – all classical thematics in an increasingly less-than-classical contemporary state. Mung has had solo exhibitions at the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Southwest School of Art; group exhibitions at the McNay Museum of Art, BlueStar Contemporary Art Museum, School of Visual Arts, Women, Their Work in Texas and various venues in NYC including Microscope Gallery, Lesley Heller Workspace Gallery, Union City Museum. Her work is included in the collection of the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Raki Malhotra is an interdisciplinary artist from Toronto currently living in Brooklyn. Since 2013 her work has addressed ideas and topics related to self-psychology, pop culture, consumerism, location, and ‘issues of identity and social positioning’. Malhotra most often uses the performative process to deliver non-linear discourse and composition in the forms of live performance, social practice, installation, and video. She is currently completing her MFA in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice at The City College of New York.

Kathie Halfin is an interdisciplinary and performance artist. She works in variety of mediums including performance, textile, sound, installation. Kathie was born in Ukraine and lived in Israel. She has an MFA from School Of Visual Arts in New York. Kathie exhibited and performed at the Bronx Museum, AIR Gallery, El Museo De Los Sures and NARS Foundation, The Clemente among others. She received fellowships and residencies at School Of Visual Arts, Vermont Studio Center, Bronx Museum AIM Program and Wassaic Project. Kathie’s work involves collaborative dialogical process and a research-based practice. Her work seeks to subvert and reimagine existing dysfunctional narratives and create a new visual language that spans in between speculation and fiction. In her performances Kathie seeks for the moments that break of the routines, anxieties, human-centric worlds and propose possibilities for the body to be an alien, mortal, organic shape shifter.

Jean Carla Rodea is an interdisciplinary artist with a research based practice. She is originally from Mexico City and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She works across disciplines such as music, sound, performance, photography, video, and sculpture. Her practice is informed by memory, identity, immigration, ritual, performance, and improvisation. Rodea’s work questions critical socio-political issues such as: the politics of the body, gender, and the asymmetry of human relations. She has performed and shown work at Roulette, Carnegie Hall, BRIC, Judson Church, Panoply Lab, Danspace Project, Center for Performance Research, Rio ll Gallery, The Clemente, El Museo de Los Sures, to mention a few. She received her MFA from City College’s DIAP where she received the First-Place Graduate M. F. A. Studio Award and two Connor Study Abroad Fellowships for archival research and studio practice in Mexico City. This past summer Rodea was a resident and education fellow at The Wassaic Project.


About Sunday Service

Taking place the first Sunday of each month, a guest curator is invited to organize a salon style evening of cross-disciplinary performances and presentations that brings together a multiplicity of views around a singular prompt, such as a question, theme, or formal structure. Sunday Service centers works in progress, interdisciplinary endeavors, and diversity in format showcased in a lo-fi environment to foster the testing of ideas and critical discourse amongst peers.

Sunday Service is programmed by Stephanie Acosta and Alexis Wilkinson, Knockdown Center’s Director of Exhibitions and Live Art.


Image by Kathy Halfin and Jean Carla Rodea “Matter in Flux” at Wassaic Project 2018, photo by Marisa Adesman

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