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S/team: neutrality and antagonism workshop

S/team: neutrality and antagonism workshop

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Saturday January 14th




S/team: neutrality and antagonism
A workshop facilitated by non/studio

Holding onto toxic feelings? Feeling ready to purge yourself from the cosmic chaos of yesteryear? Release your hot air. Hydrate anew. Perhaps a productive counterpart to anger is dialogue, taking time and making space. We believe in the radical reimagination of our world, and with that we have to radically reimagine care for our bodies. Using basic elements; air earth water fire, we will explore the therapeutic and cathartic potentialities of steam healing. Several types of steam vapor will made available for use, and participants will learn how to make steam for future use and wild applications.

About non/studio
Working across ecology, holistic education and craft histories, we provide trans-disciplinary methods for walking between physical and digital realms while creating tools and strategies to heal bodies & minds in the information age.

This event is part of a fundraising series of music, performances, and workshops accompanying NASTY WOMEN exhibition, on view at Knockdown Center January 12-15th, 2017. Day time performances are free and open to the public, while evening programming can be experienced through the purchase of a $20 all-access pass that grants you access to every performance happening in the building that evening. Proceeds in benefit of select charities working towards women’s reproductive health and community health initiatives.
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