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slow jam: active restfulness is its own kind of money

slow jam: active restfulness is its own kind of money

A workshop with Lu Yim

A workshop with Lu Yim

March 21, 2020


Lu Yim

Please note: this workshop will be facilitated remotely

Due to rising concerns amid the COVID-19 virus, Knockdown Center will be temporarily closed to the public from March 14th through April 1st, 2020. It is with a heavy heart that we announce this news, however, we hope that this measure will ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

In conjunction with the exhibition Catalina Oyuang: it has always been the perfect instrument, dancer and performer Lu Yim leads a workshop in the gallery titled slow jam: active restfulness is its own kind of money.

In this sixty-minute movement workshop, participants will be led through a variety of breathing and somatic movement meditations to bring the nervous system to a more restful state. From this restful state the workshop will flow into an open movement jam, with feeling, sensation, and rejuvenative ease as a point of departure. Participants will be asked to work together to create a calm and restful atmosphere and to overall support the group’s interiority and individuals’ process, in order to experience the activity of rest and restful activity as an act of value making and reclaiming.

Space is limited, please RSVP to
Once signed up, you’ll get more information on what to wear and bring. We will ensure any access requests are met to the best of Knockdown Center’s ability.

About the exhibition

Catalina Ouyang: it has always been the perfect instrument presents sculptures made over the last two years alongside a new two-channel video installation that comprises Ouyang’s reordering of the nearly 40,000 words generated by the contributions to [Conclusion and Findings]. The works in the exhibition, however, instead grow out of a space where language fails and in resisting any overarching material, disciplinary, or tonal vocabulary, it has always been the perfect instrument trades linguistic and taxonomic control for a landscape of rhythm, texture, touch, and communion.

About Lu Yim
Lu Yim is a dance and performance maker based in Brooklyn, NY. They arrived at somatic movement forms from their own interest and experiences in trauma and chronic pain and have studied many perspectives and ideas around the subject from the Postural Restoration Institute, yoga, the Alexander Technique, et al. They are part of visual and performance collaborations Physical Education and Pidzn Club, and are currently working with artists Tingying Ma and Nam Pham. Lu is a certified Gyrotonic Teacher and Personal Trainer and holds an MFA in Sculpture from the Milton Avery School of Fine Arts at Bard College (‘19).

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