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Shibori Tie-Dye Workshop with Carolina Wheat

Shibori Tie-Dye Workshop with Carolina Wheat

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Saturday, Oct 22, 3 – 6pm

Join Carolina Wheat for an intuitive and experimental workshop exploring historical Tie-dye techniques. You will explore the ancient manual resist–bind, fold and pleat technique of Japanese Shibori with classic indigo dyes. 

Carolina studied textile surface design at the University of Michigan and got her MFA in Writing from SAIC. Having traveled extensively in Japan and Indonesia, Carolina brings to this workshop a broad history of textiles, including the narratives, symbolism and processes used in the Pan-Asiatic islands. 

This workshop will guide you through a hands-on process from start to finish and you’ll walk away with a functional article of patterned surface design.

$35 per person (price includes TWO! scarves to dye)

All Ages (Kids under 8 must be accompanied by a non-participating adult)

Space limited to 15 people

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