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Weirdo Cinema A-Go-Go: September Horror Sundays

Weirdo Cinema A-Go-Go: September Horror Sundays


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Sundays in September, 8 – 11:30pm

Psychotronic screening residency by the Druid Underground Film Festival (DUFF) continues… every Sunday in September.  During and after the screenings in the Ready Room Bar, DJ Drew Redmond and his special guests spin 1950s and ‘60s rockabilly, rhythm and blues, soul, exotica, whacked out instrumentals, novelty records and more on vintage 45s.

The Undertaker and His Pals (196?)
A macabre story of two motorcycle-riding, knife-wielding, shiv-shaving, eye-gouging, arm-twisting, chain-lashing, scalpel-flashing, acid-throwing, gun-shooting, bone-breaking, pathological nuts and their pal the undertaker.
Road of Death (1973) 
Sleazy swingers, marauding motorheads, and so many continuity errors that to make a drinking game out of it would mean an almost certain death. This shot-in-Florida biker revenge epic starring Thora Birch’s porn star parents is “so cheap and sleazy and amazingly godawful that it’s a sick delight from beginning to end” – Luther Heggs, SWV

The Toxic Retards (2015)
Carl J Sukenick has been making horror movies in his NYC apartment for the last 30 years. As a filmmaker he uses the medium of horror as a means of therapy to navigate his mental illness. The Toxic Retards is the penultimate example of every idiosyncratic technique Sukenick has developed in his career. Groundbreaking, spellbinding and horrifying.
Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968)
A wealthy, psychotic seductress invites three notorious tough-as-nails men (including actual boxing legend Jake La Motta) to her swanky trophy room saying she’ll give them each $100,000 “if you can stay alive in Manhattan for 24 hours!” Thus begins an epically sleazy play on The Most Dangerous Game. A true NYC horror oddity and the wildest murder scene ever shot in the middle of Central Park.

Best of Druid Underground Film Festival Animation Showcase
International animated shorts culled from the screening archives of the Druid Underground Film Festival. The VERY BEST of over A DECADE of rowdy, subversive programming screened on tour across the USA and compiled here for the first time ever!
Bruce Bickford’s CAS’L (2015)
Shot over a 20 year span, CAS’L is Bruce Bickford’s first all-claymation short feature. Bickford talks about his bizarre, technical, horrifying stream-of-consciousness film in the following description: “Mercenaries and other obnoxious brutes are trying to muscle in on the CAS’L’ area. They’re looking for trouble and find it. Stray energies in the area morph them into grotesque bulbous heads. The conquistadors and barbarians of the castle are smoking the wrong brand of cigarettes that cause them to commit random violence, even against each other. Some little people and fairy folk defeat many of them.”

Found Footage Assault Vol 4
A hardcore, one-hour mega-mash up hell-ride of absurd footage sourced from VHS tapes of homemade music videos, methenamine fueled biker rallys, twisted political propaganda, horrifying party videos and much much more! Get yourself a piece as American redneck culture is sliced open for all to see like a giant, horrifying cake.
Best of DUFF Shorts Program
A break-neck barrage of rowdy short films celebrating the best in absurd, creative and ecstatic cinema both on and off today’s underground film radar. A spectacle unlike any other, Druid Underground champions subversive techniques that advance the language of cinema, challenge pre-conceived notions of underground art and simultaneously blow your mind out of your skull. Animation, experimental, performance art and MORE!!!

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