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Seed Bombs with non/studio

Seed Bombs with non/studio

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

August 7, 3pm – 5pm



Topsoil forms at the rate of about 1 inch every 100 years, the speed of decay and rock fracture. Learn how to find (and fix) phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen in soil, use soil-as-dye and make worm poop seed bombs with non/studio.

We will use red clay, fabric, brushes, soil from different Brooklyn locations, seeds, and worm compost for a free workshop for all ages. Folks will walk away with seed bombs, fabric dyed with soil and a zine about how to test soil for nutrients & pH.

Organized in connection with So much dirt but not enough soil, an exhibition by Loney Abrams and Johnny Stanish.
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