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Sculpture Workshop with Anna Mikhailovskaia

Sculpture Workshop with Anna Mikhailovskaia

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Jun 19, 3 – 6pm

Anna Mikhailovskaia hosts a sculpture-making workshop in which participants will create a table-top plaster sculpture. Using found materials, each participant will assemble an armature fixed upon a base. The resulting abstract shape will then be covered in plaster. As a final touch, texture will be created with explorative surface treatments.

Anna will demonstrate a process evident in many of her own sculptures, including some on view in the concurrent exhibition at Knockdown Center. Anna’s work lies somewhere between vernacular buildings, religious objects and architectural fragments. Her carefully crafted, bold, efficient sculptures explore perceptions of scale, weight and surface.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Anna Mikhailovskaia & John Schacht through Sunday, June 19, 2016.


RSVP for the wait list to or 773.771.2377

**You will get messy, so please wear appropriate clothing.
*** This is an adult art workshop – not for children.
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