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Satanic Panic (Horror Sundays)

Satanic Panic (Horror Sundays)

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Aug 7, 8 – 11:30pm


Billy Burgess
Blanche Barton
DJ Drew Redmond

Knockdown Center is proud to present a screening residency by the Druid Underground Film Festival (DUFF) every Sunday in August and September: Sunday Horror series! Hosted by festival founder Billy Burgess, the Weirdo Cinema A-Go-Go series represents an array of colorful new programming as well as the best of the last ten years of DUFF. Find out why Flavorpill says DUFF doesn’t so much “defy convention as mow it down, douse it in kerosene, and flick a Zippo at it.”

Satanic Panic Propaganda Video Show

From the mid 1980’s to early 90’s American media proliferated stories emphasizing the rise of Satanism, ritual murder, teenagers brainwashed by heavy metal music. At the Los Angeles screening of the Druid Underground Film Festival, Blanche Barton, Former High Priestess of the Church of Satan, spoke about her experiences during the “Satanic Panic,” and introduced this lively program of frightening and humorous Christian propaganda and occult law enforcement procedure videos compiled by DUFF founder Billy Burgess. 
An extended cut of this compilation will be presented as well as Ms. Barton’s videotaped speech in its entirety. Plus “Beware of 666,” an extended collection of ”Christian Scare Films” compiled and hosted by Billy Burgess.

During and after the show, DJ Drew Redmond spins a raucous 60’s 45 gospel set in Knockdown’s Ready Room Bar.

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