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Radio Collection

Radio Collection

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Oct 8 – 9 (performance Oct 8, 7pm and Oct 9, 5:30pm)


Jorge Chikiar: clarinet & live electronics
John King: viola & live electronics.
Marcelo Toledo: bandoneón, Tibetan trumpet, sakushi
Leo Genovese: keyboards and saxophones
Hernán Kacew: light & set designer

Radio Collection is a performatic installation by Jorge Chikiar with the use of 8 AM and FM modulated radios. The main aim of tuning in broadcasts of different radio dial stations of the NY area is to use the phonemes as part of an embryo of sounds which will give shape to the structure of the work intervened with the collaboration of local artists playing their instruments and processed in real time.

Jorge Chikiar is an Argentine composer,  sound artist and producer. He has presented work at Colon Theater, CETC, Maccarone Gallery, and The Kitchen, among others. Chikiar has produced works for Laurie Anderson, Michael J. Shumacher, Thurston Moore, Jim O’Rourke, David Behrman, Zeena Parkins, Ikue Morí, Steve Reich and more. He has composed works such as Wu Wang for Fractus Ensemble, Granos en el Viento work for Moxenio and Live Electronics, Cracks of Ice, a multichannel acousmatic installation  with sounds recorded in Antarctica. He has collaborated with John King for their Crossing Hemispheres recordings and with Marcelo Toledo to produce the opera The Jungle Within.


October 8, 7pm:
Jorge Chikiar clarinet & live electronics
John King viola & live electronics
Ariel Passadore samplers

October 9, 5:30pm:
Jorge Chikiar clarinet & live electronics
Marcelo Toledo Bandoneón, Tibetan trumpet, sakushi.
Leo Genovese keyboards and saxophones
Ariel Passadore samplers

Pablo Gonzalez interface designer
Nicolas Stavorengo electronic engineering


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