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Sous Observation/Spaces Under Scrutiny

Sous Observation/Spaces Under Scrutiny

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October 22 – 24, 12 – 8pm

In participation with Quebec Digital Arts, NYC, this exhibition brings together six recent installations by eight Quebec artists. Movement, space and sound are central to their works, which explore the perception of time, observation/surveillance, the connections between seeing and hearing, and the coexistence of analogue and digital.

Underpinning these installations is a machine or the idea of a machine. At times, it lies at the heart of the artwork and reveals its inner workings; at other times, it is more discreet, opting for a subtle form of camouflage.

Featuring: Catherine Béchard & Sabin Hudon, Martine CrispoManon Labrecque, Lorraine Oades, François Quévillon, and Thomas McIntosh & Emmanuel Madan 

Curated by Nicole Gingras

For more information about Quebec Digital Arts, NYC, click here.

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