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Pysanka Egg Decorating

Pysanka Egg Decorating

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Mar 26, 2-6pm

Our annual all ages workshop!

The word pysanka is derived from the Ukrainian verb pysaty ‘to write’; we ‘write’ designs on the eggs. Nearly all Slavic peoples and those in the eastern Mediterranean area practiced this art in ancient times using beeswax and dyes to create tiny masterpieces of art but Ukrainian Easter Eggs from the more modern Christian era seem to be the ones best known. The symbols used in pysanka design are a blend of ancient pagan motifs with Christian elements.

A special tool called a kistka is used to melt the beeswax and write on the eggs. The kistka is the pen and the beeswax is the ink. Each successive color is waxed and dyed until the entire design is created on the surface of the egg. The wax is then removed, and your masterpiece is revealed!

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