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Performance Voyage 4

Performance Voyage 4

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Nov 8

Produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Performance Voyage is an annual tour of international video performances. The Performance Voyage 4 compilation from 2014 contained 14 video performances by artists from all over the world. The tour produced over 20 events in 14 different countries.

The theme of Performance Voyage 4 was SELF-PORTRAIT, offering a variety of possibilities for the artists as well as the audience: the works challenged spectators to reflect upon their own self as well. Jury members for the Performance Voyage 4 included Taina Erävaara, Leena Kela and Timo Soppela.

Anastasia Ax & Marja-Leena Sillanpää: Scream to Scream (Sweden)
Alex Bodea: nine line poems of alex bodea (Romania/Germany)
Elina Brotherus: Francesca Woodman’s Aunts (Finland)
Cristian Chironi: Sticker (excerpt) (Italy)
Chun Hua Catherine Dong: When I Was Born (China/Canada)
Allison Halter: Salt Lick (USA/Germany)
Constantin Hartenstein: FIT (Germany)
Marja Helander: Trambo (Finland)
Marianne Myungah Kim: Remember everything (Korea/USA)
Verica Kovacevska: The Artist (Macedonia/Switzerland)
Julia Kurek: Message (Poland)
Marika Orenius: Talking about… (Finland)
Benas Šarka: Wall Soul (Lithuania)
Minna Suoniemi: Lullaby (Finland)
The Exhibition in MUU Gallery (April 2014) included also an Installation by Romulo Banares: Feed me back (Spain).

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