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Protect & Preserve Lecture Performance and Closing Party

Protect & Preserve Lecture Performance and Closing Party

RSVP June 14, 2018


Chloë Bass

Join us for the closing event of artist Chloë Bass’ exhibition The Book of Everyday Instruction.

7:00pm: Protect & Preserve Lecture Performance
This lecture-performance is a part of The Book of Everyday Instruction’s fifth chapter: Protect & Preserve, which considers the idea of safety as the relationship between a person and their city. In the lecture-performance, Chloë Bass describes experiences of safety in St. Louis during the summer of 2016, compiled from interviews with approximately 20 diverse St. Louis residents, and material from the artist’s personal life. The lecture includes a visual presentation of images of people in safe spaces in St. Louis, shot by the artist, in contrast with iconic images from the Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter movements.

8:00pm: The Book of Everyday Instruction Closing Party
Join us for a last, celebratory opportunity to see the exhibition!

This event is a part of the exhibition Chloë Bass: The Book of Everyday Instruction, an eight-chapter investigation of one-on-one social interaction, exploring an expanded understanding of pairing on view through June 17, 2018.

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