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Private Nationalism

Private Nationalism

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December 12, 3pm – 6pm

Private Nationalism: Pressing Issues in Central European Contemporary Video Art

Video screening and panel discussion
Co-presented by Edit András, Ilona Németh, Viera Levitt, the Clakula-Gauthier Art production and Magdalena Moskalewicz

Including the work of Tibor Horváth, László Nagyvári Nosek, Csaba Nemes, Bálint Szombathy (Hungary) /András Cséfalvay, Matej Kaminský, Ilona Németh, Martin Piaček, Tomáš Rafa, Mark Ther, Matej Vakula (Czech Republic and Slovakia /C.T Jasper. And Joanna Malinowska (Polish Pavilion of the Venice Biennial, 2015)

Private Nationalism Project initiated by Approach Art Association, Pécs (project leader (Rita Varga) took place as an exhibition series at arts venues throughout Central Europe and beyond. Using visual artworks, discussions, and publications, the project directed attention to the urgency of totalizing nationalist developments of the former Soviet bloc by shedding light on overlooked issues of the daily life, and the subtle processes by which ideologies infiltrate and are absorbed into the citizenry.

Knockdown Center hosts a screening and discussion generated from this expansive project that involved the work of many curators and artists as it traveled and changed shape in each city: Budapest, Bratislava, Dresden, Krakow, Košice, Prague.

The presentation is divided into 3 parts focusing on Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Each screening section will be followed by a 15min discussion.

  • Hungarian part will be presented by Edit András (Hungary/USA, art historian)
  • Czech and Slovak part will be presented by Ilona Németh (Slovakia, artist), Matej Vakula (Slovakia/USA, artist) and Viera Levitt (Slovakia/USA, UMass Dartmouth Gallery Director)
  • Polish part will be presented by Magdalena Moskalewicz (Poland/USA, art historian and curator)

Supported by Trust of Mutual Understanding, NY

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