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Pancake Feed

Pancake Feed

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

November 22, 2-4pm

Please join us for a Thanksgiving warm up that draws a line between two of our outdoor temporary projects, A Way From Home (J McDonald’s mobile art project that questions urban development) and Bloch (a 100 year old Swiss log come social art project). The trailer, adorned by a sauce dispenser, will serve as the assembly line wherein diners will then sit around the log whose presence is undeniable.

Don’t be confused. Come hungry.

…For chefs of all skill levels, preparing a Thanksgiving meal is a daunting task. A good meal is measured on a shifty scale of tradition, textures, and good timing. Everything is expected to arrive at the table hot, somehow from a single oven. The pressure is on to meet the formal expectations of each dish: moist and crisp, fluffed and weighty, pre-fabricated and made from scratch. And then, once set loose upon the offerings at hand, the diners inevitably assemble an exquisite mess and fall asleep, dreaming of tomorrow’s cold leftovers.
There’s nothing in the oven. There isn’t even an oven. Pancakes will be stacked and embellished with foams. Witness condiment pumps and slides for service. The cat door is open. The pressure is off, and the forms will surprise, but the flavors will surely deliver that deep-seated Thanksgiving feeling you look forward to all year.
Do not be confused. Do come hungry. Special thanks to Tim Simonds.
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