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Pan-Pot, Desna

Pan-Pot, Desna

Buy Tickets February 23, 2024

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

10pm – 5am





Pan-Pot returns to Knockdown Center in what has become an annual tradition. The German unit stands as one of the most popular and definitive¬†acts in the modern techno landscape. With over two decades of activity under their belt, the duo has proven themselves to be truly timeless; they’re ever-evolving while never losing sight of the elegant, assured chemistry that makes them stand out.

Pan-Pot turned heads right from the start. Tracks like “Charly” and “Popy & Caste” went all-in on a harder, darker strain of minimal techno, building whole worlds around ultra-crisp sonics and supple, undeniable grooves. This tense, alluring quality has remained a constant throughout their career as Pan-Pot have pushed the grandeur and scale to new heights. Last year saw the release of “Forte,” a full length that charts a course through soaring, even cinematic techno. Knockdown Center is proud to welcome them back for the third year in a row.

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