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Muscle Memory – Dead Celebs


From the Producers of Y2Rave, Ty Sunderland and Linux invite you to THE most iconic Halloween party of the year. On Friday, October 29, we will honor the stars who came before us while Carry Nation and Volvox tear up those CDJS. If you look carefully, you’ll see the red carpets are stained with blood!

Zero presents… Encore


“We had a summer of epic proportions. Want to keep the vibes sky high.
We heard you asking for more. So here is… Encore”



DJ LGNDS. Those unique individuals in our nightlife community who have exhibited the highest level of talent, consistency and resilience over the years. Our world demands a lot from our headliners. The audience knows their music, and they know what’s real. The rare few who have maintained headliner status year after year truly have earned the LGNDS status.

The NYC 2021 edition of LGNDS features 4 DJ’s who come from all over the world and represent some of the world’s great house music destinations. Boris from New York, Oscar G from Miami, Steve Lawler from England plus another LGNDS DJ to be announced. Four giants of the music world coming together at Knockdown Center for this one special night of Saturday December 18, 2021.

Outline: Fall


Outline: Fall will return inside Knockdown Center’s main hall to present a captivating blend of indie-rock, folk, and experimental music across multiple stages. Headlined by acclaimed pop innovator Julia Holter, the latest edition of our seasonal event series expands the boundaries of modern music for a night of strange and beautiful possibility.

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