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RSVP July 15, 2017

Join us for a special *FREE* and family-friendly edition of OVERTIME! We’ll have activities, food, and music for all ages in our sunny backyard. We’re serving FREE hot dogs from 3-4pm and bringing out the ping-pong table, corn hole, and sidewalk chalk for a good time.

Drop In Activities (3-9pm):
Plaster Ice Cream Sculpture Workshop
Fabric Painting Station
Ping Pong
Sidewalk Chalk
Cornhole Toss

Scheduled Workshops:
4-5pm – Freestyle zine-making Workshop with Lacey Antonia Carter
5-7pm – IRL Meme and Zine-Making Workshop with Cayla Lockwood
6-7pm – Reading with local author Lori J. Fitzgerald from her new book, “Through the Oak Door”

Full Details:

*Plaster Ice Cream Sculpture Workshop*
Join us for Good Humor, a plaster ice cream sculpture workshop produced by Collective Springboard. Create your own plaster ice cream sculpture to take home to last the ages. Scoop, squeeze and dip plaster mixed with dye, paint, glitter, marbles and other ‘toppings’ on a cone of your choice at our sculpture station this Saturday!

Good Humor at Knockdown Center is produced by Danny Crump and Sarah Dahlinger, co-directors of Springboard Collective and current artists-in-residence at Flux Factory in LIC. Recent projects include Trivial Pursuits, a performative dinner party with a food fight finale, and Limo Cult, a 70 ft. handmade limousine with two deep fry stations for experimental deep fried objects and food. They are co-curating Humorgous Smorgasbord, an exhibition celebrating artists as humorists opening on September 8th, 2017 at Flux Factory.

*Tee Shirt Painting Station*
BYO-TEE… Bring your own white t-shirt or fabric and come ready to get your hands dirty with fabric paint and stamps!

*Collaborative Zine-making with Lacey Antonia Carter*
Have a story to tell? Want to unleash your inner comic? Come learn how to make your very own zine with our own Lacey Carter! Each participant will design a page, which will be combined and photocopied for everyone to take home!

*IRL Meme and Zine Workshop*
Cayla Lockwood, Artist-in-Residence at Flux Factory leads this hands-on meme and zine workshop where Dadaist poetry meets lolcats. Using randomly generated text and google images with good old-fashioned scissors and glue, participants will cut out words and paste them onto photos to make their very own meme—IRL! After a short demonstration on making simple saddle-stitched zines, participants will bind the Memes into book form. Collaboration encouraged!

*Lori Fitzgerald Reading*
Local author Lori Jean Fitzgerald will be reading an excerpt from her book “Through the Oak Door,” a series of connected novelettes in the mythic fantasy genre, featuring Celtic mythological figures and medieval characters in stories of transformation. Q&A and discussion to follow.

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