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Outdoor Interactive Recreational Sculpture Park

Outdoor Interactive Recreational Sculpture Park

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

Aug 10th

Knockdown Center officially opened its doors to the public on August 10, 2012. To celebrate, Knockdown Center commissioned original works from nineteen artists, designers and architects to create The Outdoor Recreational Sculpture Part (OIRSG). Inspired by both the whimsy of the sport and the formal possibilities of the course’s architecture, these artists created a miniature golf course on the sprawling three acre grounds of the Knockdown Center.

Mini-golf Holes by
Arielle Baio, Astrid Busch, Jeff DeGolier, Aasha Foster, Eric Hagan, Kemeya Harper, Jamie Lin, Rowan Norlander-McCarty, Geetha Pedapati, Anna Pinkas, Zach Postone, Naida Serak, Chris Shelley, Amber Shields, sumu (Gabriela Bruno, Soña Power, Ioannis Sochorakis & Alex Postelnicu), and Brian Wondergem

Musical performances by
Trabajo, Happy New Year, Saturn Dogs, and Tim Garrigan

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