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Documenting the Nameplate

Documenting the Nameplate

with Marcel Rosa-Salas, Isabel Flower

with Marcel Rosa-Salas, Isabel Flower

Free October 7, 2017

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Marcel Rosa-Salas, Isabel Flower

Join us on Saturday October 7 for an open-call archiving project to document the social experiences and aesthetics of nameplate jewelry. Marcel Rosa-Salas and Isabel Flower are working on a book about the nameplate that will be a repository of its myriad styles and many cultural traditions. Come by to have your nameplates photographed and to share your memories of them. Everyone will get a print and will have the chance for their story and image to be included in our book.

This is part of a series of events hosted within the space of Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime, an exhibition by Azikiwe Mohammed currently on view in the Knockdown Center Galleries.

About Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime
Currently on view at Knockdown Center, artist Azikiwe Mohammed has staged a performative installation of his fictional thrift store, Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime. New Davonhaime – a location conceived by Mohammed – is an amalgamation of the names of the five most densely populated Black cities in America: New Orleans, Detroit, Jackson, Birmingham, and Savannah. Jimmy’s Thrift of New Davonhaime was created to serve as a safe space for Black and Brown people living in America. Knockdown Center’s galleries have been fully transformed into a thrift store that contains objects both created and found by Mohammed including tapestries, records, postcards, paintings, lamps, and books.

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