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Memory Palace

Memory Palace

Getting Here ktdcshuttle

April 6

Memory Palace was a site-specific aural exhibition created in response to the unique architectural experience of Knockdown Center. Artists primarily working in the medium of sound were asked to step inside a physical space that feels distant from the daily pace of our urban reality; in this altered environment, they were asked to engage as they see fit with the site’s grand structural design, as well as the history contained within its walls.

The artists of Memory Palace used sound as a tool to stretch one’s perception of space and abandon our basic reliance on vision as our primary source for understanding experience. They explored the significance of the site’s unique architectural experience via a wide variety of techniques ranging from the narrative to the historical to the abstract. In a building radiating with history, the exhibition explored the former factory as simultaneously a manufacturing site, ghost town, unique aural environment and sonic playground.


Maria Chavez
Kyle Farrell (with Eliza McKelway and Amity Jones)
Daniel Neumann
Michael Rosen
TRICOT (Merche Blasco and Thessia Machado)
Nick Yulman
Curated by Kate Watson



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