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Malingering Uvula

Malingering Uvula

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November 19th

Banquet 1: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Unbought Stuffed Dogs.

Malingering Uvula: Banquet 1 was a multimedia installation and performance with video, mixed media sets, light, sound, scent, and food. The audience served as active protagonists–guest diners–providing spontaneous unpredictability to the performance. The guest diners were led to action through a series of instructions which accompanied each course. Guest diners were instructed not to speak unless directed to do so.

Using F.T. Marinetti’s The Futurist Cookbook as a departure point, food was used as raw material for art–recipes as experimental games–games that were agents in removing boundaries between art and life. Recklessly, yet with reverence for the numinous quality of a good meal, food was used to create a familiar group experience (dinner) in order to produce surprising, perhaps seemingly random interactions. The elements of video, music/ sound, lighting, etc were used to enhance and implant moods, memories, and mercurial tidbits of sensation.

Participants included: Center for the Seas Control, Camilla Ha, OS Minnows, Orchestra Bolas, and Felisia Tandiono.

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