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Louie Vega, Theo Parrish, Anané

Louie Vega, Theo Parrish, Anané

Expansions NYC

Expansions NYC

Buy Tickets February 25, 2023

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10pm – 5am



Louie Vega
Theo Parrish

Louie Vega returns to Knockdown Center with his Expansions NYC, this time with Theo Parrish and Anané.

Vega is hands down one of dance music’s most important, foundational voices. As a member of the duo Masters at Work, he helped to define the sound of house music. In his solo work, he’s shown a range that extends from essential club tracks to expansive latin jazz. His DJ sets are masterclasses, balancing a lifetime of experience with wide-open ears. Headlining an Expansions NYC gives him free reign; you will not want to miss. Theo Parrish is a true legend of Detroit house. An artist respected for his uncompromising vision, his productions are some of the most unique and affecting in the canon. From classic tracks like “Heal Yourself and Move” to more recent live band excursions, Parrish’s music consistently exudes a mercurial depth and richly-textured beauty. As a DJ, Parrish prizes the exploratory and visceral, the emphatic and the profound. Anané completes the lineup. The Cape Verde-born artist is the founder of Nulu Music and a multifaceted performer, vocalist, DJ, curator and more. Her storied career has brought her across the globe, from nightclubs to festivals, performances at the Super Bowl and the African National Conference and much more. Her music, whether solo or in collaboration, expresses her roots and personal journey.

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